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Through self-knowledge and intuitive awareness insights, we empower people to assess and redefine areas where change, growth and expansion are needed. We focus on the individual to reach their career goals and full potential at a record speed.

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Pricing ~ How it works.

Each client is unique and our coaching is designed around your specific personality and situation. At first, it is essential we spend time identifying key areas that require insights, change and perhaps a new focus. The first contact is a free consultation. This can happen on the phone, in person or on Zoom. We then determine a practical course of action that is most appropriate for your goals.

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Are you ready for a quantum leap into self-knowledge? How can we grow past limiting view-points if we are not ready and willing to look deeper into ourselves? There lies the power of transcendence into keen self-knowledge, self-awareness and intuitive "emotional intelligence" for the sole purpose of reaching your goals and actualize the potential you were born to live!. We transform Hearts and Minds through mastery of Self-Knowledge!

Is People-Pleasing Contagious?

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How many times did you say I’m sorry today? In matters of social and professional interactions, over-pleasing can feel like an addiction…Audience pleasing, apologising and patronising are very easy traps to fall into when interacting socially, speaking in front of groups or while communicating with people professionally.

So is the need to cater needlessly thinking that being soft spoken is the key to win hearts. Have you ever realised how many times you hear “I’m sorry” in a day? Put it to the test, it’s mind blowing. On the surface, these habits can appear as legitimate forms of expression or harmless ways to handle people. On the contrary, they are powerful enemies and should be avoided at all cost.

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I am Cause, not Effect

Image I am Cause Not Effect

We are so oblivious to cause and effect that it is rarely questioned, scrutinised or seen for what it is. Being either at the effect or at cause in life is a process we unconsciously learn as children.

Within this unprecedented 21st century current economic and political environment, I thought it would be helpful to look deeper into the essence of cause and effect, as it relates to healthy living and communication. It is safe to assert that many of us have, at one point or another, found ourselves to be at the effect of someone or something.

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