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Here are some examples of what gets revealed, it can make an enormous difference in matters of personal development, creativity, career, social life, innovation, and company growth.

Wheel of self-knowledge for accurate personal growth


Think of a “Self-knowledge, Emotional Intelligence & Intuitive Awareness” coach as an expert problem solver. There are essentially three types of awareness: emotional, psychological or intellectual and physical. The fourth one is spiritual awareness but it only manifests when the first three are aligned. Spiritual awareness is not at all religious in essence but rather the consciousness that “something” is here watching what is happening on the stage of life.

By asking the right questions and looking where you have not looked before, you become aware of these three awareness potentials. For instance, you bring a behavior, a spirit and an emotional attitude everywhere you go. You also bring a confidence and a truth about those behaviors. They tell the other an unbelievable amount of detail about how you approach life, others and what you do.

“Self-knowledge, Emotional Intelligence & Intuitive Awareness” development offers you a new palette of skills to work from and bring to the table. People sense it in the frequency of your behavior. It begins with your specific situation. What are you looking for that is missing or absent? What do you imagine will make a difference for you? Is it financial? Personal? Inspiration? Professional? Change? Your job? Your company? See a list of great questions to get inspired... Click here!

Let us help you leverage your potential energies to generate a quantum in “Self-knowledge, Emotional Intelligence & Intuitive Awareness”.

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  • The Actor Metaphor

    Human beings typically organize their behavior as a function of the situations they are in. Our overall demeanor at a bar is different than at work, at home with our children or while giving a speech at a University. Seldom do we realize that it is the milieu that controls our behavior patterns, not the behavior itself.

    The milieu, situations and the overall circumstances of our lives act as very powerful behavior organizers and modifiers. I have broken down milieu into five potent parts. In my view, there are five main areas that affect behavior and emotional life instantly and radically. They are: