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What is Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness coaching?

It is difficult to argue that everything in life is about decision-making or the choices we make daily, wouldn't you agree? They determine in full disclosure and with great authority the kind of life we will have. Self-knowledge is the essential prerequisite for choosing the quality of our experiences.

Self-knowledge, to know what you love and don't love to commit to and why, simply leads to a better quality of experience. Your success and reputation increase, which inevitably leads to more self-validation and more confidence. Consequently, you lead a better life and all you've done is made decisions based on authentic self-knowledge—not people-pleasing or peer pressure.

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If Knowledge is power, Self-knowledge is the greatest Power!

Whether we are conscious of it or not, it is healthy to understand that every move we make in life has a price and a consequence. It literally shapes our destiny. That everything has a price is not a cliché or something to be afraid of, it just takes a particular sense of observation to see it. If we are not well-versed in self-awareness and self-knowledge to realise the incredible power of our choices, we blindly risk unnecessary consequences.

Every person is born with a potential to actualise. Whether it will be actualised or not, depends largely on decision-making and the timing of those decisions. Regardless of what the stars have in store for us, the ultimate navigational system we possess is the awareness of our instincts, intuition and emotional intelligence to guide us to make the choices that are perfect for us.

We may not realize it right away but every decision we make must have a living form; from grabbing a coat to moving to another country. A decision is in essence a choice in behavior and body language in action, in order to convey credibility and be valid.

It is essential to grasp that all decisions are physical-emotional embodiments. It means that if we are not ready and willing to embody these decisions with power and integrity, it will not work. One must walk the talk! Choices also have a quality of spirit and a truth or conviction that are embodied and sustained with power. When we make a poor choice or a bad decision, it lacks precisely in spirit and conviction—it speaks volumes to a partner, client, employer, investor, etc. This is where good coaching comes in and becomes invaluable.

On a practical level, great decisions are based on four absolute elements: an authority (Who or what made the decision?), a strategy (How did we arrive at that choice?), a motivation or conviction (Why we feel a particular choice or decision is better than another?) and a strong embodiment (The decision lifts our spirit and gives us energy).

When we are under pressure, in doubt or anxious, our power to choose can be corrupted by others. Often, we make choices based on peer pressure, what other people think, excess thinking or reasoning, rather than the clarity that comes from self-knowledge and self-awareness. If the pressure wins, it becomes almost impossible to backtrack.

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Self-knowledge very often comes from what others see about us, that which we are not necessarily aware of ourselves. Self-knowledge is not ego knowledge nor is it connected to thinking. You know yourself from watching yourself in interactions or doing what you do, from the most mundane to the most creative tasks. It is crucial to know how you operate, where you are reliable and where you are not.

For instance, did you know that only about a third of the world population has consistent access to will power? It means that close to 70% of people are very busy proving their worth to others. Strong-willed people have nothing to prove. Think about how useful it is to know where you are on that scale.

“A great mentor will teach you about you, a bad one only about himself.”

We all know how many fake gurus roam the corridors of our existential angst, waiting to cash in. I don’t blame them because if you don’t know yourself, you will fall prey to these cunning modern psychopaths. They are a dime a dozen. For me it is simple, anyone asking you to follow him or her, with your credit card of course, is somebody who will exploit your lack or absence of self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge also comes from trial and error as we watch ourselves “be” ourselves successfully or not, so to speak, and then adjust our behavior accordingly.

All self-knowledge that does not land in a behavior will remain intellectual knowledge, not actualized self-knowledge. As an example, to find the behavior of your confidence is invaluable self-knowledge.

To know you are confident is not enough; you must actualize that behavior in public or when someone is present.

What we teach: self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and intuitive awareness are all behavioral models that must come from you, the individual.

These behaviors also have a spirit and a truth or conviction. Behavior that has found its truth based on authentic self-knowledge and a true quality of spirit is unstoppable! Impactful behavior comprises body, emotions, intuition and spirit aligned and ready to express. The mind is at the service of the four principles, which represent your personal self-knowledge.

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Self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and intuitive awareness. We provide critical skills in intuitive self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and authentic spirited self-expression. We deliver personalized coaching programs and techniques to realign with ease, creativity and simplicity. We promise to expand your self-awareness, your confidence and your productivity aligned with your purpose.

Staying practical

To be effective, one needs to remain practical and centered in order to know what risks are worth taking. Self-knowledge in action is the key to navigate the future and seeing what opportunities need to be cultivated. Personal growth and success is a direct result of self-discovery in action, while self-expression is a natural function of how straight and honest you communicate yourself to others.

Within the current global atmosphere, people and companies of all cultures face unprecedented challenges that require presence like never before. Adaptation, innovation and personal empowerment have taken centre stage. The real questions are: what situation is in need of an immediate solution and who is concerned?

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