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What is a quantum in self-awareness?

At the individual level, a quantum can be explained as an unexpected jump to a level of understanding, competence, clarity and self-awareness, which defies logic but is undeniably real. It happens spontaneously but we know it has its roots inside limitations. The Great Houdini is a perfect example for understanding limitations as they relate to quantum phenomena.

Harry Houdini was a Hungarian-born American illusionist, famous for his extraordinary escape acts in the early 1900's. Let’s imagine for a moment that you are a prisoner of your limited thoughts, a sort of stellar Houdini, trapped in a mental trip or mental delusion that your life is not great or that your problems will not go away. Houdini is tied up in a tank filled with water and you are in an intellectual delusion—not an absolute. Hence, this new Houdini premise goes like this: to forget that you can conquer and surmount all obstacles is to remember your prison, which are the negative thought patterns you seem to be trapped inside of.

Like Houdini, imagine that you purposely put yourself in that mental prison to demonstrate, like him, that you can get out of it. Houdini could get himself out of the tank because he (his deep conviction to himself) was not “in the tank”—he was seeing himself out of the water and ropes from another vantage point, if you follow the logic. Therefore as a mental prisoner, the moment you remember what you are, you are no longer trapped in your mind. In other words, you remember that being trapped is not an absolute and that the limitations actually demand a quantum mutation, so to speak.

Limitations are essential to unlock growth and development potential. A quantum is literally a creative explosion out of enough limitations to drive you completely crazy...but not really, it is a metaphoric pressure cooker strong enough for something new to jump out unexpectedly. Like Houdini, it does require some “magic” but we hope you see that it is worth considering. We all create our own prisons…but then we forget we did that. Life can be a game or a very serious plague; the choice is more often than not ours.

Self-knowledge and Self-Awareness are change agents

Self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth are also critical keys in personal development but where do these attributes comes from? Consider the following life coaching context:

A Quantum Design begins with the premise that the very fabric of our authentic self is non-judgmental, creative and joyous. We are creative at all levels of our being and can live independently of unproductive cerebral chatter. Individuals grow and develop by mutative leaps, like entangled particles that are never quite differentiated that suddenly quantum and materialize by synthesis.

Strong coaching is at the heart of any successful individual. Whether we were lucky enough to get it from our parents, a teacher, curiosity or a great friend, self-confidence is developed early.

Take a jump into surrendered living where you let go of chronic control, ineffective role playing and obsessive concerns about creative expression or direction. Tap into your authentic self and allow something extraordinary to manifest. Begin to trust the “inner resonance” within yourself. Experience within, manifest without. Your adventuring spirit is ready.

Within the current global atmosphere, people and companies of all cultures face unprecedented challenges that require presence like never before. Adaptation, innovation and personal empowerment have taken centre stage. The real questions are: what situation is in need of an immediate solution and who is concerned?

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