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Companies large and small are facing challenging leadership and creative issues, both at home and abroad. The proper training and empowerment of executives are essential to problem-solving. Heightened leadership, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit have become the new “must” requirements.

We offer insightful mentorship for executives. The nature of leadership and business communication has evolved to unprecedented levels of complexity. The new trends for the future are: presence, self-knowledge, and constant innovation. Learn to focus on what brings about superior vision and effectiveness.

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The Unconscious Roles that Rule our entire article.

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Are You a Great Negotiator?

How to Impact and Influence through Relatedness? Behind every human interaction, there are invisible dynamics at play. Some are physical, such as the impact somebody’s appearance has on us, while others are psychological and emotional, such as moods, tone of voice or eloquence.

A dynamic is a specific focus that influences the direction and quality of relatedness. When you interact with another human being, you enter a vast network of conditioned perspectives, judgements, cultural predispositions, not to mention circumstances, past and present. All are seemingly imperceptible. However, they play an important role as far as how we approach the other.

The more conscious of these human manifestations you become, the more leverage you possess on the other. I call it “the listening”. Indeed, we are listened to through a vast network of impressions, expectations and projections. As we enter into communication with the other, we may believe it’s a blank slate and that we are open-minded, but the truth is that the other “occurs” to us inside the social, cultural, political, and religious backgrounds we were born into. The same goes for how you occur to others. There never is a “neutral” interaction. Exchanges are always loaded with pre-existing conditions.

Regardless of the occasion or situation, we filter all communications through a complex nexus of past experiences, background frequencies of learning and processing, mental and emotional perspectives, visual and acoustic memories, intuition and instinct, as well as tactile and other sensory hunches. Please read more...

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