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"If public speaking is metaphorically a door, Eric Stone possesses the key to allow an individual to pass through that door, by focusing on the individual strengths so to use those strengths to create a specific persona for a specific speaking or media appearance. Based on my experience, I do recommend Eric Stone whole heartily and without any reservation, as he is one of the best media coaches in the nation."

Robert Radi, CEO, Radi Design, Inc. Guthy-Renker Inventor

"I truly think that working with you has "raised" me to a level of public speaking and presenting that is now opening doors for me and enhancing my career. Thank you!"

Sheri Ledbetter, Wescorp, Vice-President, Corporate Affairs, San Dimas, CA

Thank You for your outstanding professional coaching!

Elizabeth de Clifford - President National Speakers Association and De Clifford International, Ltd.

Working with Eric and Amy is, unequivocally, the most important thing I have done for my career. They have helped me better understand myself, my clients, and my craft. I can attribute many of my successes to directly working with them. I can guarantee you will also see huge leaps in your performance.

Herschel Weintraub, Associate at Marcus & Millichap; Los Angeles, CA

Amy Stone is a visionary spiritual guide and teacher. For me, she's an "inspirational and mystical psychologist". Her talent lies in her ability to focus on the individual's core identity and bring out truth and authenticity hidden behind the veil of unwanted conditioning.

Michael P. New York, NY.

I surveyed my team at DIRECTV on their experience with you. Here's what they said:

  • Red dot Seasoned professional who can spot issues quickly and recommend fun tips/exercises to address them.
  • Red dot Knowledgeable & dynamic, he stresses the fundamentals while at the same time getting you out of your comfort zone!
  • Red dot Eric has a unique way of delivering advice. He really has a knack of understanding his students needs.
  • Red dot He gives you tangible techniques you can use immediately and thought provoking exercises that help you get to another level.
  • Red dot Great coach, he has helped me improve on my public speaking fears.

  • I asked them if they thought we should hire you back as a coach to the wider group and 100% said YES.

    Jannine Rebman ~ DirectTV, El Segundo, CA

As I worked with Eric I felt my confidence and stage presence grow by the hour. Eric taught me speaking is really an exercise in acting because you have to embody your message. Body language, subtext, tone, and committing on stage every second all send non-verbal messages to the audience. The audience will voluntarily give you control and embrace your message IF you establish your presence and embody your message, second by second throughout your performance.

I had a very successful speech that appeared "off the cuff" and was very engaging. I used no note cards. A friend who had never seen me speak publicly asked me how many years experience I had in public speaking. She also said she and the entire audience embraced me and got my message.

Things are going great here, I'm finishing up my 4th week at my new job! - it's exactly what I was hoping for. You would be quite proud as I have been commended numerous times on my communication and presentation ability. In fact, I had to present in front of a group of Sr Execs (including the CEO) and everyone was very impressed - I was told yesterday that included the CEO. I was channeling all of the techniques and considerations that we covered. Our meetings were key to helping me land the job and have continued to be vital during my short time here. So, thanks again.
Jason Colbert, 20th Century Fox, Los Angeles

Eric has a gift for making the unnatural feel natural and gives you, the speaker, the courage to commit and embody your message. I recommend Eric without reservation."
C. Brett Karcher, Hollywood Screenwriter.

Thank you Eric!! It was a real pleasure having you here! Everyone is still raving about the instruction. Thanks again for everything and keep in touch.
Marvin Bennett, Braille Institute

I've been hearing great feedback from today's session, Eric. Thanks for making the effort to tailor it to our needs.
Tenny Chonin, Producer, Walt Disney Feature Animation Dept.

Thank you so much! We can't practice what we can't distinguish. Your selection of key words distinguishing, active, fully in charge, being in charge & relax is vital for me as I work towards becoming a better speaker.
Richard Agbanlog, Corporate Development Officer, Wescorp Pacific

I needed a coach to help me with my public speaking skill for Grad school and found Eric Stone through yelp. I could not agree more with all the reviews here. Eric's method is out of the ordinary but brilliant and effective. He tailors his approach to the individual and carefully provides methods that work. His teaching is nothing like what I learned in college but I think it is more applicable. He is very insightful, personable, knowledgeable, and great to work with. He puts confidence in you and take you out of your comfort zone - for the better!
Lucy Wenas, Graduate Student, Pepperdine University

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