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TESTIMONIALS...what people say about Eric and Amy Stone

Working with Eric and Amy is, unequivocally, the most important thing I have done for my career. They have helped me better understand myself, my clients, and my craft. I can attribute many of my successes to directly working with them. I can guarantee you will also see huge leaps in your performance.
Herschel Weintraub, Associate at Marcus & Millichap; Los Angeles, CA

Amy Stone is a visionary spiritual guide and teacher. For me, she's an "inspirational and mystical psychologist". Her talent lies in her ability to focus on the individual's core identity and bring out truth and authenticity hidden behind the veil of unwanted conditioning. Michael P. New York, NY.

Thank you Eric! The world is a better place with you in it! You are an example to me of someone who takes a bite out of life and has the highest amount of creative intelligence. Which pours out of you and onto your clients. So, thank you for being an example of someone who isn’t a coward but whose driving force somehow cuts through all fear of judgment and nonsense in this world. Keep on being You!! Cammi C. Phoenix, AZ

Thank You for your outstanding professional coaching! Elizabeth de Clifford - President National Speakers Association and De Clifford International, Ltd.

I was told yesterday that I was outstanding, including by the CEO. I was channeling all of the techniques and considerations that we covered. Our meetings were key to helping me land the job and have continued to be vital during my short time here. So, thanks again. Jason Colbert, 20th Century Fox, Los Angeles

"Eric has a gift for making the unnatural feel natural and gives you, the speaker, the courage to commit and embody your message. I recommend Eric without reservation." C. Brett Karcher, Hollywood Screenwriter.

"Thank you Eric!! It was a real pleasure having you here! Everyone is still raving about the instruction. Thanks again for everything and keep in touch." Marvin Bennett, Braille Institute.

"I've been hearing great feedback from today's session, Eric. Thanks for making the effort to tailor it precisely to our needs." Tenny Chonin, Producer, Walt Disney Feature Animation Dept.

I asked everyone if they thought we should hire you back as a coach to the wider group and 100% said YES!! Jannine Rebman ~ DirectTV, El Segundo, CA

"Thank you so much! We can't practice what we can't distinguish! Wow! Your selection of key words: distinguishing, active, fully in charge, being in charge & relax is vital for me as I work towards becoming more aware and effective." Richard Agbanlog, Corporate Development Officer, Wescorp Pacific"

"I needed a coach to help me with Grad school and found Eric Stone through yelp. I could not agree more with all the reviews here. Eric's method is out of the ordinary but brilliant and effective. He tailors his approach to the individual and carefully provides methods that work. His teaching is nothing like what I learned in college but I think it is more applicable. He is very insightful, personable, knowledgeable, and great to work with. He puts confidence in you and take you out of your comfort zone - for the better!" Lucy Wenas, Graduate Student, Pepperdine University

"Through Eric’s tutelage.. I am more confident and aware! Thank you Eric – Your technique has proven to be priceless." Dean Rhoades, Founder & CEO of DermaNew, Inc.

"Every single individual is born with a potential to actualize. Regardless of what the stars have in store for us, the ultimate navigational system is our awareness such as our instincts, intuition and emotional intelligence.

"Eric did an excellent job of helping me - it went from scattered and shaky to cohesive and logical. I truly appreciate Eric's honest, yet sensitive approach. He helped me understand myself from others' perspective - which, let's face it, is the entire reason for doing what we do in the first place." Julie Carruthers Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now!" Goethe

"Eric has helped me tremendously. Being "myself"in front of the camera is not easy, but Eric had made it so much easier for me. His teaching skills are unique and so is his knowledge of the people. Anybody who is in the public eye should take a serious consideration at Eric’s method." Louis Alexander SEA TV NETWORK ANCHOR

"Eric Stone has a special way of working with people, the process he uses to get people to a new level of awareness is very unique." Charles Gave, Sony Pictures, LA, CA.

"I am more self-aware! I do not currently know what to do about it! It's very funny but it feels amazing! Thank you Eric and Amy" John Singer, Entrepreneur, Houston, Texas

"I am so more confident socially and at work." Adam Porter, Wells Fargo Bank, Woodland Hills, CA.

"I identified two important issues: first, the way I am viewed as holding information back or holding feelings back when in front of a group and, second, the way I come across as preaching. I am still in the "understanding the issue stage" but changing from what I look and sound like to a more effective presence in front of groups has been invaluable." Tom Snyder, Wescorp, San Dimas, CA

"Eric, Thanks a ton for your support. You are truly an amazing teacher and individual. I will definitely keep you informed, as long as I'm not driving you crazy. You didn't help in a small way, you started it all for me. Take care Eric. I'll be in touch!" Cheryl Banks

"Speaking as a committed empowerment coach and talent developer, helping and encouraging individuals to get in touch with their true potential has become a passion and an essential part of my life. It has led me onto transformational paths and journeys unimaginable had I not stayed focused in that direction." Eric Stone

"Hi Eric, I am writing you from NYC. It was a pleasure attending your workshops. I learned much each time. Thank you."Marianne Leu Arts and Culture Marketing Strategist

"I cannot tell you how the world has changed in the creative realm since I met you. Thank you. Much love and hope, no see you soon." Mark Berry, Professional Actor

"Thank you Eric so much. It has and continues to be an amazing road of self discovery and accomplishment. Your loving, gentle, and patient guidance coupled with your passion and keen understanding make it all a true creative journey for me."

"I love the directing and the creative challenges!"

"Thank you, Eric. So cool and aligned for me and true. It is so good to watch things addressed at the heart and no backing off--confronting and honest. Thank you for never letting go when things come up and getting to the heart of the matter with me. That lesson bleeds into life without fail."

"With your help, the little spark that was there for me has been fanned into a nice comfy fire. And with more practice, that comfy fire will be a full-fledged forest fire. Thanks for all of your help." Jon Morss

"As one of your students who shall remain nameless, "Eric is a force of nature." You are, my friend. That is a real gift. I'm thrilled that you've decided to take the plunge into "finding a new paradigm." My God what a challenge. You're brilliant."

Note: Some people prefer to remain anonymous. Out of respect for their privacy we omitted their name or company name.

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