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Through Eric’s tutelage.. I am more confident and aware! Thank you Eric – Your technique has proven to be priceless.
Dean Rhoades, Founder & CEO of DermaNew, Inc.

Thank you. I found our sessions both useful and interesting. My 2 presentations went really well,and I was able to use the techniques we honed. In fact, I felt very calm and connected to the audience, and a friend who was there said I looked " composed".
Thank you and best wishes, Eveline Ginzburg; Therapist and Mediator, Los Angeles, CA

Eric is an excellent speech and voice coach. Over the 6 months I have studied with him,he has helped me develop myself with the technical and acting aspects of voice presence. Eric is very patient with a flexible teaching style to meet any student’s needs. He has been a wonderful guide for me in reaching my goals as an artist. Thanks Eric for all of your wonderful help!
Michell Rudacille – Actress –Voice Over Artist

Dear Eric, Thanks for everything. I learned so much-both practical tips and perhaps even more than that, philosophical approaches to the art of public speaking. I can't wait to get to work!
Adam Bradley, Professor of American Literature Claremont University, Calif. & Author

Eric did an excellent job of helping me organize my presentation - it went from scattered and shaky to cohesive and logical. I truly appreciate Eric's honest, yet sensitive approach. He helped me understand my presentation from the audience's perspective - which, let's face it, is the entire reason for making the presentation in the first place.
Julie Carruthers Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Eric has helped me tremendously with my delivery and my diction. Being in front of the camera is not easy, but Eric had made it so much easier for me. His teaching skills are unique and so is his knowledge of the field of acting and public speaking. Anybody who is in the public eye should take a serious consideration at Eric’s method.

Eric Stone has made a big difference in my public speaking abilities and presence as a presenter within and outside our organization. I have gone form being nervous about presenting, to feeling a sense of calmness and enjoying being in the moment. He has equipped me with the tools to show both how I am knowledgeable about a given subject and in control of the design and resulting outcome of interactions that occur during public speaking and internal meetings. This has helped in my confidence and career progression which are directly linked. His training has had a material impact on my success.
Jeremy R. Calva CPA, CTP Vice President, Investment Operations WesCorp.

"Hi Eric, It's so nice to hear from you. The presentation went better than I thought. I was nervous the first few minutes and then got comfortable on stage. I did not use the podium, I actually walked around the stage which helped to relax and use my hands. All and all I don't have too many complaints about my first time presenting to 16,000 people! Thank you for your patience and guidance, it helped tremendously!"
Michele Arth Arbonne Inc. Irvine, CA

“…The experience has not been only about public speaking or presentation, but also about finding one’s inner self and capability to deliver a message to an audience with confidence and charisma…”
Ketty Cheng,Investments-WesCorp, San Dimas, CA

"When I first met with Eric Stone, I expressed my concern to him that when I deliver a speech I always feel that it is more of a performance because of my style. Eric clarified for me that it should be a performance. That is basically what it is, according to him. He advised me that every speaker has his own style, that it is a matter of finding the style that suits me and that I am comfortable with. These lessons have given me more confidence in my speech deliveries in Toastmasters."
Byron Rozul - Wescorp Toastmasters

"Eric, I received so much good feedback from my presentation last year. It really helped make a difference in key executives’ eyes on my ability to take charge. It was beneficial to the attendees and to me professionally. I don’t think I’m exaggerating one bit in my testimonial."
Jeremy R. Calva CPA, CTP Vice President, Investment Operations WesCorp

"I am pleased to announce that "Shakespeare's Richard III" had its World Premiere last Friday, at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival... and was awarded: the Platinum Remi Award for Best First Feature Film and the Gold Remi Award for Best Original Score again, you have my thanks for giving your time, talent and effort to this film project! I am indebted to you, and i hope someday we may have the chance to work together again."
Scott M. Anderson, film director, Shakespeare's Richard III

"I identified two important issues: first, the way I am viewed as holding information or feeling when in front of a group and, second, the way I come across as preaching. I am still in the "understanding the issue stage" and will set a time to meet with Eric to learn what I can do differently to change from what I look and sound like to a more effective presence in front of groups."
Tom, Wescorp, San Dimas, CA

"Thank you, our working sessions together paid off! It was very successful. I was well prepared and very confident. Thank you Eric! "
Fariba Ameri, International Artist and Speaker; Los Angeles

"Eric Stone has a special way of working with people, the process he uses to get people to a new level of awareness is very unique."

"I am more self-aware! I do not currently know what to do about it!"

"I am more confident in front of an audience or in front of a group."

"I appreciated the "organic" part not forcing us into a box for how to be successful public speakers but rather bring out my own strengths whatever they may be and focus on those areas as opportunities to grow."

"I'm more in tune with myself and more in tune with others...and encouraged to be a better person and speaker."

"I'm more self aware and aware of what the audience is expecting of me...so being aware of what audience expects of me, I can hone those attributes."

"Hi Eric, I am writing you from NYC. It was a pleasure attending your workshops. I learned much each time. Thank you." Marianne Leu Arts and Culture Marketing Strategist

"I cannot tell you how the world has changed in the creative realm since I met you. Thank you. Much love and hope, no see you soon." Mark Berry, Professional Actor

"Thank you Eric so much. It has and continues to be an amazing road of self discovery and accomplishment. Your loving, gentle, and patient guidance coupled with your passion and keen understanding make it all a true creative journey for me."

"I love the directing and the creative challenges!"

"Thank you, Eric. So cool and aligned for me and true. It is so good to watch things addressed at the heart and no backing off--confronting and honest. Thank you for never letting go when things come up and getting to the heart of the matter with me. That lesson bleeds into life without fail."

"With your help, the little spark that was there for me has been fanned into a nice comfy fire. And with more practice, that comfy fire will be a full-fledged forest fire. Thanks for all of your help." Jon Morss

"As one of your students who shall remain nameless, "Eric is a force of nature." You are, my friend. That is a real gift. I'm thrilled that you've decided to take the plunge into "finding a new paradigm." My God what a challenge. You're brilliant."

"Eric, Thanks a ton for your support. You are truly an amazing teacher and individual. I will definitely keep you informed, as long as I'm not driving you crazy. You didn't help in a small way, you started it all for me. Take care Eric. I'll be in touch!"
Cheryl Banks

"To all those pondering the benefits of working with Eric Stone I would offer some insight from my personal experience working with Eric for just 5 or 6 short one on one lessons.  For my self, starting as a true neophyte when it comes to public speaking, there was much to "fix."

My fear of public speaking does not stem from my lack of a smooth presentation, comfortable body gestures or even a measured presenter's voice.  Rather, it was the fear of public speaking itself, and all the flaws that are embodied by somebody without the tools necessary to conquer those unfounded fears.  

Eric Stone gave me the tools to understand the root causes of the fear and through a series of coaching lessons, was able to demonstrate techniques to address the anxiety of speaking publicly. I was able to build confidence in my ability to speak publicly by actually addressing groups of people in The Toastmasters settings."
Eric Curry~Professional Photographer. Check his work on YouTube

Note: Some people prefer to remain anonymous. Out of respect for their privacy we omitted their name or company name.


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