Who are our amazing clients?

* Corporations and Organizations at all levels of the their structure: CEO's, Presidents, VP's, Executives, CFO’s, Marketing Strategists, H&R Directors, Finance Managers, Marketing Teams, Sales Teams, Campaign Groups, Directors of Public Relations and Public Affairs,...etc...

* Mid- to small-size companies and organizations: Dance Companies, Universities, Colleges, Design Schools, Theatre Festivals, Fund Raisers, Staff Teams, Sales Teams, Financial Consultants, Investors, etc...

* Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Professionals: Salesmen and Women, Trial Attorneys, Spokespeople, Brokers, Bankers, Economists, Educators, Communicators, Designers, Consultants, Managers, Teachers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Anchors, Journalists, Consultants, Marketing Directors, Bankers, Real Estate Agents...etc...

* Performers, Political Figures, Movie Stars: Stage, Film and Television Actors, Motivational Speakers, Television Anchor Men and Women, Inventors, Entertainers, Comedians, Directors, Film Producers, Writers, Singers, Dance Companies, Musicians, Writers, Models, Dancers, Artists…...etc...


  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Warner Brothers
  • Cheryl Saban
  • Hilton & Hyland
  • David Carradine (Richard III)
  • Tiger Woods
  • Sony Pictures
  • Chanel, USA
  • Microsoft
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • LA Clippers
  • The Bachelor
    Wachovia Securities
    WDHB Consulting Group, Inc.
    Wescorp Corporate Credit Union
    FedEx Kinkos
    Design Art Center Pasadena
    Ford Motors
    My Realty Data
    Madonna Grimes Dance & Fitness
    Arbonne, Inc.
    Radi Design, Inc.
    Braille Institute
    Howard Stern Show
    Joffrey Ballet
    Columbia University
    Art Center College Of Design
    Westworld Inc.
    Random House
    San Fransisco City Ballet
    Paramount Pictures
  • Cole Hauser (Good Will Hunting)
  • Comedian A.J. Jamal
    Rand Corporation
    Indelible TV
    Alarm 2, Inc.
  • Maria Conchita Alonso (on Richard III)
  • Candice Bergen (on A Social Event by William Inge, New York)
  • Anne Jeffreys
    VXI Technology
    Chicago City Ballet
    Team One Advertizing
    Winner-Wagner & Associates
    Hypnosis Motivational Institute

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