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Think of a coach as an expert problem solver. All problems are sleeping solutions and it isn't a cliché. The first question we ask is simply: what training solutions do you need? Is it a specific Training, Leadership, Presentations, Sales, Negotiation, Brand awareness, Internal Communication, Conflict Resolution?

The second question is, “How important is it to you or your company to solve this problem? What would the outcome potentially be if you do?”  Please take a moment to visit our contact page and tell us about your specific needs.

We offer step by step coaching and empowerment which deliver the necessary access to effective communication. It results in personal power and increased emotional awareness. Click here for a complete list of situations we coach for.

You understand more than anyone that the strength of any company is its people. By drawing key relationships between creativity and productivity, self-expression and success, our programs become “must do” programs for any company genuinely committed to the aliveness and empowerment of its employees. A creative, self-expressed, and communicative individual is the key to successful enterprise.

Access is a matter of distinction or distinguishing. As an example, did you know there are six types of snow? There is snow to ski on, snow to build igloos with and snow to drink, etc.

Our success is based on our ability to encourage trust and openness, as well as to create a safe environment where people are free to explore. Learn to focus on things that makes you increasingly confident and effective. We use relaxation techniques, exercises, mocks, solo work, camera work and inquiries into the nature of communication, effectiveness, self-expression, and emotional awareness.

Dynamics are usually un-noticed and un-exploited. They are:

  • Behavior dynamics: body language
  • Emotional attitudes
  • Role playing dynamics
  • Self-awareness
  • Presence & creative responses

  • We offer professional coaching with enough flexibility to fit your needs and budget. All services we offer corporations and large organizations are individually tailored.  Schedule a no-obligation consultation by e-mail or call us (1) (323) 986-6363.

    Article: Harnessing Leadership Skills for Career Success

    Leadership and career development involves the conscious nurturing of knowledge, abilities, and behaviors to unlock your full potential as a leader. In this guide, you'll find useful tips for promoting leadership skills and professional growth, while also developing successful strategies for navigating career paths.

    Determine Your Leadership Style.

    In order to succeed as a leader, it is important to be aware of your personal strengths and weaknesses. A great way to get started is by determining the type of leadership style that suits you best. When considering your preferences, think about aspects such as how you communicate in different contexts, how you handle conflicts or crisis situations, and how empathetic you are towards others. Identifying which activities energize and motivate you is an essential step towards understanding yourself as a leader.

    Leverage Effective Communication Strategies

    Good communication is essential to successful leadership and professional growth. To maximize your potential, it's important to focus on how you present yourself when communicating with the people around you. Use active listening skills, such as paying attention to non-verbal cues in conversations, or repeating back information that has been heard to ensure mutual understanding. Additionally, taking note of tone and maintaining a positive demeanor will help ensure that others take and value your message more easily.

    Developing a Growth Mindset

    To effectively lead and grow professionally, you must believe that you can change, improve and develop yourself. Adopting a growth mindset over a fixed one will provide the necessary energy to continuously learn, innovate, identify opportunities and take risks. Developing this approach will encourage not only personal growth but also collaboration with others as you come together to talk about successes and failures in a positive manner.

    Accountability & Choices

    Taking responsibility and holding yourself accountable are key steps to developing leadership skills. It can be difficult at times, but it's important to assume responsibility for your successes and failures as it allows you to learn, grow and develop. Accepting both the positive and negative situations you face, will foster personal growth and build resilience. Additionally, choose to use life events as an opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn which offers potential development opportunities in the future.

    Learning is the key to leadership and career success. Taking the time to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and interests can help you focus on increasing interpersonal effectiveness, problem assessment and solving skills, as well as providing everyone with a sense of purpose. Additionally, keep up with new trends in your field so that you remain informed about recent developments and better position yourself for career success.

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