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How self-knowledge leads to emotional awareness

We get to know ourselves by watching our body language and responses while interacting with others and doing what we do, from the most mundane to the most creative tasks. Self-knowledge also comes from what others see about us, that which we are not necessarily aware of ourselves. Self-knowledge through experience takes time. It is not ego knowledge nor is it connected to thinking.

It is crucial to know how you operate, where you are genuinely accountable and what areas of life are more difficult to deal with than others. For instance, did you know that only about 30% of people have consistent access to will power or ego strength? It means that 70% of people on the planet either make promises they cannot keep and spend a great deal of energy avoiding the truth about those empty promises. Think about the chaos and frustration it creates. And because will is connected to the physical heart, it becomes even more clear why so many human beings have some form of cardiovascular disease. Think about how useful it is to know where you are on that scale.

“A great mentor will teach you about you and a bad one about himself or herself.”

We all know how many fake gurus roam the corridors of our existential angst, waiting to cash in...not to mention all the cunning modern psychopaths. They are a dime a dozen. For me it is simple, anyone asking you to follow him or her, with your credit card of course, is somebody who will exploit your lack of self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge also comes from trial and error as we watch ourselves “be” ourselves successfully or not, so to speak, and then adjust our behavior accordingly.

All self-knowledge that does not land in a behavior, will remain intellectual knowledge not actualized self-knowledge. As an example, to find the behavior of your confidence is invaluable self-knowledge.

To know you are confident is not enough; you must actualize that behavior in public or when someone is present. What we teach: self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and intuitive awareness are all behavioral models that must come from you, the individual.

These behaviors also have a spirit and a truth or conviction. Behavior that has found its truth based on authentic self-knowledge and a true quality of spirit is unstoppable! Impactful behavior comprises body, emotions, intuition and spirit aligned and ready to express. The mind is at the service of the four principles, which represent your personal self-knowledge.

Eric and Amy Stone

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