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Why embark on a Personal Self Development Path?

The interest in self-development, which is a process of improving oneself for short and long term benefits, has its roots in the realization that it is not enough to survive on the material plane. Something about the quality of our existence somehow rings a bell. It calls us to experience more self-awareness to enjoy all aspects of life more fully.

Self-appreciation is more rare than we think. Most people have very busy lives where appreciation, fun, doing things one truly loves to do unfortunately take the back seat. Self-development suddenly reaches a different meaning. It can be self-improvement to advance your career, self-confidence to take on bigger roles at your job or self-development for better communication with your family or socially. There are many areas to grow, expand and self-realize.

It is a big step one takes consciously and with compassion to decide to reach the next level. What about your personal skills, self-knowledge and emotional intelligence and why? To have a better life and a better time? To feel more alive? To be able to connect with others and oneself more authentically?

Explore new talents or perfect already acquired skills? It can also be about opening your mind or self-expression, educating yourself in depth about psychology, philosophy, world affairs, history, astrology, human development, etc. It is literally endless and fascinating!

Does any of the following areas of growth and self-development mean anything to you?