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Mastering the Art of Communication

I can’t Practice what I cannot Distinguish.

Beneath the surface of every polished performance lies the crucial skill of distinguishing. For instance, in sports or dance, athletes and performers must distinguish between precise movements and body positions. This allows them to execute intricate routines, maintain balance, and perform with grace and precision.

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The Art Of Speaking Is The Art Of Pausing

Every verbal attempt has a rhythm and a tempo, very much like music does.

Beyond presence and talent, good speaking is viewed as a verbal art form. Elocution, diction, projection and modulation, to only name a few elements, are believed to be the obvious and essential ingredients to a good presentation or performance. So much more goes into good speaking, but it is important to try to pierce the myth of verbal life.

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How Many Times did You Say I am Sorry?

How frequently have you found yourself uttering the phrase "I'm sorry" throughout the day? In the realm of social and professional interactions, the compulsion to over-apologize can become an inadvertent habit. The urge to please your audience, constant apologies, and patronizing behavior can easily become traps that ensnare us during group discussions, public speaking engagements, or professional communications.

Furthermore, the mistaken belief that soft-spokenness is the key to winning hearts can lead us down a treacherous path. It's essential to pause and reflect on just how often we employ these phrases in our daily lives; the revelation can be truly astonishing. At first glance, these behaviors might seem like harmless expressions or strategies for managing relationships, but, in reality, they can become formidable adversaries that hinder our personal and professional growth. It is imperative to recognize and actively avoid falling into these patterns.

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I am Cause not Effect

We are so oblivious to cause and effect that it is rarely questioned, scrutinised or seen for what it is. Being either at the effect or at cause in life is a process we unconsciously learn as children.

Within this unprecedented 21st century current economic and political environment, I thought it would be helpful to look deeper into the essence of cause and effect, as it relates to healthy living and communication. It is safe to assert that many of us have, at one point or another, found ourselves to be at the effect of someone or something.

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