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Eric Stone is the original Founder/CEO of Speakers & Artists International, Inc.; a California Corporation delivering coaching programs and consulting in Public Speaking, Media Appearances, Performance and Leadership Development.

The turning point to commit to empowering leaders, public speakers and professionals, was the realization that business professionals thrive on performance skills and insights into effectiveness, as well as staging tools and techniques to advance their careers. read more...

In 2015, his wife Amy Stone, joined the enterprise to enhance the design, performance and vision of the company. We created Quantum Design Connection as we saw business professionals needing a quantum connection to themselves and others to redesign their futures.

Eric Stone

Eric Stone


Amy Stone is the empowering visionary behind Speakers & Artists International, Inc since 2015. Amy is a multi-facetted and insightful guide and teacher. Her colleagues and clients call her an "inspirational and mystical psychologist". Her talent lies in her ability to focus on the individual’s core identity and bring out truth and authenticity hidden behind the veil of unwanted conditioning. read more...

Amy Stone

Amy Stone


We are a husband and wife team who have combined their respective expertise, backgrounds and experience to offer advanced training and insights into personal development, leadership and public speaking for career advancement.

Performance Impact is what we primarily focus on by sharing innovative techniques and insights into the world of behavior and language in action.

Think of us as expert problem solvers. It begins with your specific situation. The first question we ask is, “What professional situation or circumstance needs a great solution?” You want to get better at something that will make a difference for you, either personally or professionally?

Our mission is to empower individuals, entrepreneurs and companies to optimize their productivity and satisfaction through superior skills. We invite every client to: "Radically ignite their self-confidence, leadership, self-awareness." Learn to focus only on the things that make you more confident, effective and credible.

We take every client closer to their true purpose. We train the "total being".

Become an athlete of your personal power!

The business world is a "NEW STAGE" and requires "NEW ACTORS!"

  • Dot Speaker Leadership and Career Development Mentoring
  • Dot Speaker Confidence and Trust in your Ability to Speak Up
  • Dot Speaker Discover your Capacity to Engage others Powerfully
  • Dot Speaker The Art of Negotiation & Superior Sales Tools
  • Dot Speaker Authentic Techniques to Move, Touch, and Inspire
  • Dot Speaker Remove Blocks to Speaking in Front of Groups
  • Dot Speaker Learn SIMPLE Camera Techniques
  • Dot Speaker Free your Voice: Projection and Elocution
  • Dot Speaker Techniques to Designing Successful Presentations
  • Dot Speaker Develop a Credible Public Persona for all Occasions
  • Dot Speaker Make Entrances and Create Fantastic First Impressions
  • Dot Speaker Learn what Your Body Language Really Says About You

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