Self-knowledge Transforms

A Cutting-Edge Approach to Living with Confidence as Yourself


If music is the space between the notes as Miles Davis so elegantly put, then the music of your "personal power" is the space between your everyday behaviors, moods and attitudes.

We are passionate about finding the space between your original vision and where you are now. If we dare to look with courage and start where we are, then the intended promise and vision of our life will begin to manifest or resurface. We love to call it "living in the wow of our lives."

After three decades of coaching professional acting, public speaking, voice power and business communication, we have arrived at yet another crucial quantum for the new decade. Personal development has been at the center.

I have always been fascinated by trends. In 1990, when I first began training actors, performers and voice artists there was still an incredible demand for superior training from performing artists. Everyone knew how invaluable it was to have a good coach in your corner AND how important it was to spend at least 4 to 7 years with a teacher, in order to get in touch with your talent and compete for jobs. Al Pacino, Gene Hackman and so many others, including myself, spent years and years with Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen and the handful of amazing teachers that were still alive in New York in the 80's."

"By 2010 the fast-food culture was such that your average student barely spent a couple of months with a coach…and it was true for all coaches in LA or New York. Acting training was basically for losers. Of course, it wasn’t true but people follow trends more than anything else.

In 2003, when I created Speakers and Artists International, Inc., the demand for quality and innovative public speaking training was unbelievable. Naturally, as technology and globalization expanded, everyone wanted to look good and sound good. It was an amazing ride and business exploded! So many companies and individuals took their training very seriously and it showed."

By 2016, the “thrill was gone, baby!” Things had become so much less formal with YouTube and the likes. The trend caught on and by 2020, it wasn’t so dramatic if you didn’t sound polished (so the cultural trend says). The times have a way to cover up the lack of skills, proper diction and talent. Of course, if you are really smart you will at least try to become better at speaking or communicating but you are fighting trends that tell you otherwise. Complacency sets in very fast if you don't know your limitations and do not continue to grow or innovate!

Self-knowledge, Emotional Intelligence & Intuitive Awareness

Since the crash of 2008, it seems everyone is on the run, and culturally we “trend” not to focus on things that just a few years prior, were deemed essential. Fickle, fickle, fickle we can be collectively.

Innovation must stay alive to survive. We are in the business of empowerment and transformation. Therefore, we must pay close attention to trends and what is going on in the world. Example: if only Nokia had paid attention to what people were going to trend towards, perhaps they would not have died so suddenly after years of owning 95% of the planet's cellular phone market. In 2007, when Apple introduced the iPhone, it was all over. It was devastating!

With a healthy sense of humor, we call ourselves "spirited innovators" constantly reinventing ourselves in the now of our lives. We see the world as a "new stage", which is a powerful metaphor and a fresh terrain for transformation.

About Personal devlopment skills

The world is changing at the speed of light, and people have to keep up. Self-reliance is rapidly becoming the new context for thriving successfully after 2020. We are convinced that the empowered individual is the key to the future. Independent and autonomous.

Navigating is easier with a GPS

We follow a simple process:
  • 1-Accurate Reality Check
  • 2-Insightful Gap Identification
  • 3-Embodiment of strategies
  • 4-Energy to Sustaining the Walk

  • Change Your Perception

    We are two people who find it disturbing that so many individuals, couples, families and companies are doing relatively well on the surface but at a very high cost.

    Examples are irritation, exhaustion, frustration, stress, anxiety, doubt or confusion, health issues, etc. We are sensitive to the frequency of their frustration, anger, bitterness and disappointment.

    It is the manifestation of a disconnect, a sort of modern acceptable lie: not finding satisfaction and the expression of that satisfaction. What a cruel joke in the face of so much potential! We are busier and busier and never seem to embody and feel the magic of being alive.

    Mutation born out of limitations

    It is an absolute. We are often too busy bitching about limitations instead of embracing them as the true treasures of our next quantum growth. The fish could not exist on land without a mutation and that problem was solved through limitations, which are indeed incubators for quantum events. For instance, Neanderthals had the bow but never invented the arrow. Cro-Magnons was another mutation and they did invent the arrow, while Neanderthals disappeared really fast.

    Personal Development for higher self-esteem

    Limitations are the prerequisites for transformation, and it also represents an absolute. Unfortunately, we are not properly educated in this sort of “occult knowledge” and we usually see limitations as insurmountable problems or a reason to feel disappointment or frustration. Think of the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, the two American aviation pioneers inventing and flying the world's first motor-operated airplane out of unthinkable limitations.

    What is an absolute?

    Along with being students of trends, we are also a students of absolutes. Not everything in life is an absolute, like gravity or Earth's rotation and revolution around the sun.

    You may argue that they are relative absolutes but for now, it’s fairly wise to accept the notion, wouldn't you agree? Conversely, to assume that you know what is going to happen to you or in the world tomorrow is not an absolute. It is a foolish speculation at best, and the same goes with the stock market. There are still too many of us who confuse speculation or hope with reality.

    In matters of personal growth and development, certain fundamentals rule as well. Concerning public speaking and matters of thriving in the world, there are essential absolutes at play. We got into the habit of calling them dynamics; some are visible and some are not.

    For example, you cannot communicate well if you listen to your mind instead of your intention to get your message or feelings across. It is true in any circumstance. It represents an absolute and any attempt to stray spells disaster instantly. As examples, acting, painting and singing are ruled by the same absolute principle. Hence, the famous “get out of your head” slogan.

    Don’t mess with absolutes

    Said with some humour, absolutes are not to be messed with, or you will pay an enormous price. They survive trends as well. What we love about absolutes is that they are not moral in any way. Here’s another example: all living things must mutate to survive; it certainly includes enterprise as well as individuals. Any relationship or partnership that does not adapt to change and does not constantly innovate simply falls off the cliff of progress into the hungry abyss of none existence.

    We are people who begin with an individual vision and clarity about what we really mean to see happen. Without that vision there is no chance both inward or outward. The behavior and embodiment of a vision is the bedrock of empowerment. An individual, a couple or even a team has to be empowered through a clear vision. It is the frequency of a synthesized vision that reaches others. An individual or a company without vision and transparency simply stops being creative.

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