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All great outcomes in life come from a paradigm shift in perspective!

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With more than three decades of experience, Eric Stone is here to be your guide, mentor, and partner on a journey of personal and professional growth. From the heart of New York City and later Los Angeles, Eric's coaching has helped countless individuals and businesses achieve breakthrough results and lasting change.

Natural Power



Commitment and Manifestation: I cannot Generate what I cannot Distinguish

In the intricacies of personal development, one thread stands out as the interface between aspiration and achievement. It is commitment. There are practical strategies that transform determination from a mere concept into a powerful catalyst for turning dreams into reality.

Whether you seek to conquer personal goals, navigate professional challenges, or unlock your fullest potential, the keys to success often lie within the realm of commitment, waiting to be discovered and delivered to the universe. It is the invisible force that propels individuals from mere intention to the actions they actually take. Yet, commitment is far more than a noble sentiment or a fleeting emotion; it is a profound and dynamic psychological and emotional phenomenon.

An Architect of Empowerment

Eric's vision extends beyond isolated interventions; he is an architect of empowerment. His coaching infuses a sense of purpose, rendering individuals capable of surmounting challenges with authenticity and a newfound vigor. Eric envisions accomplishment, growth, and development as an enduring path, inviting participants to perceive themselves as architects of their lives, orchestrating creative thinking as the prevailing atmosphere.

Eric Stone

Eric Stone


A Journey of Mastery

Thirty two years ago, Eric embarked on a coaching and directing path that has evolved into a journey of mastery across diverse fields. His practical approach and deep insights have brought about transformations in areas like Inspirational Leadership, Personal Growth and Development, Powerful Communication, Media Training, Public Speaking, Career and Performance Skills.

How do you Unearth Your Potential?

Amy Stone

Amy Stone


A Catalyst for Transformation

Underlying our approach is a deep commitment to catalyzing personal power, fostering awareness, and challenging the boundaries of creative thinking. Eric and Amy believe in crafting a culture where courage and compassion fuel professional capacities, and where individuals experience themselves and others from a place of unbridled freedom and authentic self-expression.

A Remarkable Approach

Central to this methodology is the recognition that it is context that shapes our experiences. The approach transcends conventional educational practices by focusing on the medium in which life unfolds: fish to water, bird to air and man to himself. Through experiential wisdom and creative discovery, participants outgrow limiting beliefs, transforming old ways of being and habits into liberated actions.

Power of the voice

Elevate Your


Public Speaking and Performance

Elevate Your Presence. Receive professional acting techniques from film, TV, stage, and voice. Develop character depth, credibility, and creative freedom. Unveil the theatrical dimension within your company and yourself, enhancing the engagement and commitment to your project designs.

Unlock your Creative Potential

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to foster innovation, an individual seeking personal growth, or someone who wants to improve their communication skills, Eric's expertise offers practical tools and techniques to help you unlock your full potential. If nurturing innovative thinking, inspiring with your leadership, and business expansion matter to you, let me help you cultivate a culture of empowerment.

Wheel of Knowledge

Self-knowledge &

Intuitive Awareness

Your Journey, Your Way

Eric's coaching isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It's about understanding your unique goals and challenges, and working together to create a roadmap that fits your needs. This is a collaborative journey where your input and commitment make all the difference.

Practical Approach, Lasting Impact

Eric's coaching isn't about theories; it's about action. Through hands-on exercises, interactive games, and individual or group work, you'll experience real growth and transformation. These practical experiences create lasting shifts in how you approach life and work. Eric's approach is straightforward and results-oriented. He believes in challenging conventional thinking, pushing boundaries, and helping you discover your own strengths. This isn't about vague concepts; it's about practical steps and actions that lead to tangible results.

Embrace Change with Confidence

Change can be daunting, but with Eric by your side, you'll find the courage to embrace it. His coaching is designed to boost your confidence, help you overcome challenges, and guide you towards a path of authenticity and empowerment. Experience Matters! With extensive experience in coaching, acting, and directing, Eric brings a unique blend of skills to the table. His methods are tried and tested, and his insights are grounded in real-world applications.

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