Whether engaging a client or customer, at a meeting, giving a talk or a presentation, there is an art to confident speaking. We offer a straight-forward approach with valuable insights and techniques to empower your game. In difficult times, self-confidence is still the key to performance and better results!

Confidence at your finger tipsEducational, Technical, Informative Presentations. Keynote Speeches and Introductions.

Corporate Communication. Television & Radio Appearances. Media Training. TV Anchor, Host & Spokesperson Skills.

Gala Benefits/Emcee Events. Large Audience Presentations. Webinars, Webcasts & Podcasts. Corporate Image Management.

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Giving a speech, delivering a presentation, or communicating an important idea to a client, a good communication style builds your credibility and engages others to take action. We train individuals to become confident speakers and communicators.

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Become the self-confident speaker that you've always wanted to be. We cater to individuals and small to large organizations at every level via one-on-one sessions and group workshops.

We recommend a no obligation evaluation over the phone. You can also have your company schedule a free demonstration of our skills and techniques. Our office number is in the US (1) (323) 986-6363 or in Europe +33 (0)783517418. Coaching is delivered online, in Los Angeles, in Beverly Hills and New York. We also travel within California. Click here for location & directions.

Individually tailored for business professionals, executives, CEO's, & teams.

Amy and Eric Stone Confidence Training

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Methodology: In this method you learn by personal discovery and experiential wisdom using a large palette of processes, techniques, and distinctions to promote self-awareness.

“You cannot practice what you cannot distinguish” is the core principle of this approach. If we see more what is at play, we can perform better. Superior communication in salesmanship, for instance, is a matter of distinction, meaning that if you miss what is in front of you—how can you impact? All processes presented are creative in nature, and the creative realm is thoroughly distinguished as separate from the psychological, therapeutic, emotional and other realms.

Complete Methodology.

Passion for Coaching!

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