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Great outcomes in life come from an authentic shift in perspective!

Natural Power

Natural Power

Finding the Flow of Your Life

Looking for life to flow effortlessly? A new vision or roadmap? Commitment is the bridge between aspiration and achievement.

Whether you seek to conquer personal goals, navigate professional challenges, or unlock your fullest potential, commitment is the invisible force that propels individuals from mere intention to accomplishment.

Be an Architect of Empowerment

Coaching infuses a sense of purpose, encouraging individuals to surmount challenges with authenticity and a newfound vigor.

Eric Stone

Eric Stone

Every Decision is a Direction

A professional understands that every action shapes the trajectory of a project, venture, relationship, or company.

Unearth Your Potential

Amy Stone

Amy Stone

Environment Shapes our Destiny

Underlying this brand of coaching is a deep commitment to catalyzing awareness, and challenging the boundaries of creative thinking.

A Remarkable Approach

Outgrowing limiting beliefs and old habits require readiness. The presence of elevated criteria ensures the transcendence of public enemy #1: mediocrity.

Power of the voice

Unlocking Creative Potential

You are an entrepreneur looking for new frontiers, an individual seeking personal growth and expansion, a CEO looking to innovate. Discover your hidden strengths.

Wheel of Knowledge


Embracing Change

Change can be daunting, but through caring guidance, you'll find the courage to embrace it. Experience Matters!

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Eric Stone 2023

Unequivocally, the most important thing I have done for my career. You will see huge leaps in your performance.
Herschel Weintraub, 20th Century Fox

Eric Stone possesses great insights. In my experience, he is one of the best media & personal development coaches in the nation.
Robert Radi. Guthy-Renker Inventor

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"Target-oriented coaching focused on optimum development."

"We empower the "total human being".

Eric & Amy Stone

Eric Stone is the original Founder-CEO of Speakers & Artists International, Inc., offering coaching in Leadership, Public Speaking and Career Development since 1989.

In 2015, Amy Stone, joined the enterprise to enhance the design, performance and vision of the company. Our BIO page or Who we are in 60 seconds

Amy Stone

Amy Stone


Business professionals thrive on performance skills and insights into their effectiveness.

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