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Each client is unique with specific intentions.

Each program is designed around your particular situation and desires.

At first, it is essential we spend time with you to get a feel for each other and begin identifying key areas that require improvement.

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We work via online sessions of 60 minutes (1H) up to 90 minutes (1H30) to be repeated on a weekly basis or more if necessary.

We invite you to book a first session to test the water. Since Covid, we have dropped our pricing. Regular sessions are now $105 per 1H. Many clients purchase full course packages from 6 to 20 sessions. A 30-minute session costs $55. We accept all forms of payment. Major credit cards, PayPal and Wires. Checks are okay too or other online payment forms such as SurePay, Square, etc.

The first few sessions are crucial as we establish the foundation together from which we will create results. Impact is also achieved between sessions where you can begin to gather evidence.

All details are discussed clearly before the first session and you will be assigned a series of important questions to prepare beforehand.

Let us help you leverage your potential energies to generate lasting results.

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