Free the Great Communicator in You!

Methodology: We train speakers, communicators, and business leaders to deliver presentations, speeches, and key everyday communications with a genuine sense of ease, power, and freedom. The strength of this approach is that it draws a great deal of its energy from the performing arts and specifically stage acting. That’s one of the competitive edges of this training. While we do not intend to turn speakers into actors, the number one ingredient in any effective presentation or speech is the clear command of the stage. Public speaking is a borrowed theatrical convention and every audience expects a good “act.”

“Superior communication begins with the art of presence & the genuine accountability of being the chosen focus of attention.”

  • Dot Speaker Strenghthen Confidence and Trust in your Ability to Speak
  • Dot Speaker The Art of Negotiation & Superior sales Techniques
  • Dot SpeakerAuthentic Techniques to Move, Touch, and Inspire your Audience
  • Dot SpeakerDiscover your Natural Capacity to Engage and Relate to others Powerfully
  • Dot SpeakerLearn How to Express Yourself with Confidence
  • Dot SpeakerInnovative Listening Skills: Getting People’s Intentions behind their Words
  • Dot SpeakerRemove Blocks to Speaking in Front of Groups
  • Dot SpeakerReduce Stage Fright Dramatically
  • Dot SpeakerLearn SIMPLE Camera Techniques for all your Media Appearances
  • Dot SpeakerFree your Voice: Articulation, Elocution, & Accent Reduction Techniques
  • Dot SpeakerTechniques to Designing Successful Speeches & Presentations
  • Dot SpeakerDevelop a Credible Public Persona for all Occasions
  • Dot SpeakerDevelop your Appetite to Take Charge & Portray a Charismatic Personality
  • Dot SpeakerPerformance Skills and Simple Acting Abilities we All Possess
  • Dot SpeakerEnhance your Professional & Public Image
  • Dot SpeakerMake Entrances and Create Fantastic First Impressions with Poise & Polish.
  • Dot SpeakerLearn the Art of Introducing Yourself and Others
  • Dot SpeakerLearn what Your Body Language Really Says About You

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