What are the benefits of training with us?

Methodology: Speakers & Artists International, Inc. focuses on developing outstanding leaders, entrepreneurs and business professionals. We contribute to their productivity through leveraging their communication power, thus increasing their effectiveness. We also train speakers, communicators, and business leaders to deliver presentations, speeches, and key everyday communications with a genuine sense of ease, power, and freedom. "Superior communication begins with the art of presence and the genuine accountability of being the chosen focus of attention".

In this method, you learn through personal discovery and key insights into your growth potential. Using a well-tested palette of processes, techniques and tools to promote self-awareness, the aim is to outgrow limiting self-concepts and less-productive habits. By confronting what is in the way of our next phase of development, we begin to break through to a new context for aliveness and effectiveness. See our methodology in full here.

  • Dot SpeakerStrenghthen Confidence and Trust in your Ability to Speak

  • Dot SpeakerThe Art of Negotiation & Superior sales Techniques

  • Dot SpeakerBecome Clear and Focused about what is Next in your Career

  • Dot SpeakerAuthentic Techniques to Move, Touch, and Inspire your Audience

  • Dot SpeakerDiscover your Natural Capacity to Engage and Relate to others Powerfully

  • Dot SpeakerLearn How to Express Yourself with Confidence

  • Dot SpeakerInnovative Listening Skills: Getting People’s Intentions behind their Words

  • Dot SpeakerRemove Blocks to Speaking in Front of Groups

  • Dot SpeakerReduce Stage Fright Dramatically

  • Dot SpeakerLearn SIMPLE Camera Techniques for all your Media Appearances

  • Dot SpeakerFree your Voice: Articulation, Elocution, & Accent Reduction Techniques

  • Dot SpeakerTechniques to Designing Successful Speeches & Presentations

  • Dot SpeakerDevelop a Credible Public Persona for all Occasions

  • Dot SpeakerDevelop your Appetite to Take Charge & Portray a Charismatic Personality

  • Dot SpeakerPerformance Skills and Simple Acting Abilities we All Possess

  • Dot SpeakerEnhance your Professional & Public Image

  • Dot SpeakerMake Entrances and Create Fantastic First Impressions with Poise & Polish.

  • Dot SpeakerLeadership and Career Development Mentoring

  • Dot SpeakerLearn what Your Body Language Really Says About You

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