Actualize your Potential

In this method, you learn through personal discovery and key insights into your growth potential. Proficiency is not just blind repetition to make something perfect. Not knowing why you practice a certain skill will never land in mastery.

"You cannot practice nor perform what you haven't distinguished."

Coaching is first and foremost a matter of distinction. Becoming aware of what has not been distinguished. For instance, an individual can be embarrassed about their body or physical appearance. They tend to "hide" their body when conducting meetings or giving a talk in public. By becoming present to the affliction and distinguishing it, it becomes possible to transcend the embarrassment.

Using a well-tested palette of processes, techniques and tools to promote self-awareness, the aim is to outgrow limiting self-concepts and less-productive habits. By confronting what is in the way of our next phase of development, we begin to break through to a new context for aliveness and effectiveness.

Our tools and insights are innovative and dynamic. They are sourced in CREATIVITY (Individual as creator of his experience.), PERFORMANCE (The curriculum is based in part on performance’s skills and talents.), PUBLICNESS (Being public reveals the human being. The public realm as “open” realm for self-discovery, learning and self-mastery.), PRESENCE (the ability to stay alert, show up and listen from new found sources of attention, focus and awareness.), and EXPERIENCE (the experiential realm is where the quality of our knowing is immediate and based on intuition and intelligence, rather than judgment and conditioned perspectives).

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Our method deals with context as a "medium" within which the contents of our lives (our experiences) occur. Medium means the "environment and operating principles" from which we think and act. Imagine that a fish operates inside water but is not aware of water as the context of its life. So, water to fish, air to bird and man to himself.

By revealing the "nature and quality" of the medium within which we operate, we can reorganize limiting beliefs, thoughts patterns and old habits. In essence, principles we are not present to or aware of. This is where insights can be invaluable. A new freedom to act and think will arise as a by=product of this brand of inquiry. That is the strength of this approach.

All processes presented are creative in nature and the creative realm is thoroughly distinguished as separate from the psychological, therapeutic or other realms. All realms carry expectations and, as contexts, organize content (behavior) differently. The creative realm is a “free” realm.

There are three major aspects to this methodology:

(1) Creative inquiry into the nature of where we are presently on all levels i.e: personal, social, cultural, ideology, belief system, professional, etc…in order to challenge and encourage participants to “look” and “distinguished” where they haven’t before.

(2) The actual practicing of exercises, tools, techniques and distinctions delivered which, by “process,” will create the desired level of understanding and possible breakthrough (the theories are part of the processes not separate) and

(3) By creating "openings for action" which usually the coach infuses gracefully into the “moment” at hand; very much like a tennis coach by simply directing your attention to one element of the game previously ignored, will literally change the way you play tennis from one moment to the next.

The central purpose of Speakers & Artists International, Inc. is to advance and enrich the communication, performance and productivity of each and every client. We offer real solutions.

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Clients are nurtured, empowered and fulfilled, while contributing to themselves, their industry, communities, and the world at large.

Eric Stone
Eric Stone - Founder

Eric Stone
Eric Stone - Founder

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