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Red dot Public Speaking & Media Training: Performance, Motivational, Ted Talks, Podcasts, Spokesperson, Voice Power.
Red dot Leadership Development: CEO & Executives Empowerment, Leadership Strategies, Negotiations, Team Building.
Red dot Design & Speech Writing: Conference, Keynote Speeches, Webinars, Story Telling, Acting & Staging Techniques.
Red dot Career Advancement: Conflict Resolution, Marketing & Sales Training, Interview Skills & Pitching, Assertiveness.

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Show me your focus & I will tell you who you are!

Whatever we focus on, influences us greatly. Every day of our lives, we embody roles. Either willingly or reluctantly, with great joy or great pain, and with or without great skills: husband, wife, brother, sister, grandmother, employee, head of department, coach, neighbor, waiter, business owner, TV host, president, presenter, corporate communication consultant, VP, salesman, manager, lover, inmate, client, customer, thief, only child, the list goes on.

What we experience is intimately connected to the roles we play and how we feel about them. If you intend to empower a person, change the role they play and how they relate to that role. The mastery is to know the role you are playing and make sure that you not only play it well, but also sincerely love it.

Focus is an outcome of role-playing, as each role carries specific required focuses. For instance, a CEO of a company must have a focus on the overview of everyone's well being. It includes timelines, results, targets and overall goals. That person also has responsibilities in terms of schedules and performance, his or her own but also of all people involved. These are all focuses.