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What is at the heart of personal growth and development and meeting life's challenges head on? How can we grow past limiting view-points if we are not ready and willing to look at our lives, relationships, enterprise and situations clearly and un-apologetically? There lies the power of transcendence into keen self-knowledge, self-awareness and intuitive "emotional intelligence."

Are you ready for a quantum in your life? A real shift in your understanding of yourself and the world? This is the true question NOT whether it is possible or not! What is still standing in your way? What areas of your life, career or relationship to others would you like to transform? What has prevented you from doing so in the past? Are you ready to deal with it newly? Are you willing and open to new knowledge? Deeper self-knowledge? In what areas of your life are you visibly in need of a change? Is it bothering you? Are you ignoring it or not quite sure how to tackle it?

Here are some more creative questions to probe into honestly and begin a process of evaluation. To what outdated situations or relationships are you clinging to? Do you have dreams or strong desires you do not admit to? Are you ready to view yourself and life newly? What is old, limiting or repressive in your life? Are you ready and willing to look at it and prepared to let go of them for good? Do you recognize some of your petrified thoughts and behavior patterns?

Are you totally fulfilled in your present area of work? What experiences are you most afraid of? What is most important to you, what your heart truly longs for? From what aspects of your life is it time to free yourself from once and for all? What challenges are you faced with in your life now? What is the next step you have known intellectually but have not shared with anyone?

Natural Confidence

Who or what robs you of your energy? There are givers and takers in life. Are you aware of that? There are those who are willing to do the necessary work to free themselves and those who are unwilling, whether they expect results or not. Are you open to a new beginning? A new career? A new life? A new relationship to yourself? What secret wishes are you unwilling to admit to? What is preventing you to be totally free? What are the roles you most often play and hide behind or simply do not like? Are you ready to face them and drop them? What feelings or conditioned ideas hold you back?

In what ways have you neglected your needs? Your body? What activities do you love that love you back? What people truly get you and elevate you? Are you ready for something new to come into your life? What gives you the most pleasure to do? What is challenging for you right now? A challenged person is worth 10 people unchallenged. What are you genuinely struggling with? Do you feel alone? Lonely? Are there any reasons for self-doubt? Self-pity? What obstacles seem insurmountable for your self-realization? Do you feel overwhelmed? What do you avoid the most in your life? Does sadness play a part in your life? Do you get depressed?

Are you ready to accept the consequences of your liberation? Are there people you do not dare to confront and state openly where you stand and what you feel? Are you afraid of your power? In what areas does this fear come up? Are you expressing your love fully? Are there people with whom you do not express yourself? Are there relationships where you feel restricted or held back? Are there areas of your life where you fear disappointment? In what situations do you hide your true feelings? In what situations are you missing boundaries?

What is in the way of your clarity? What is most important to you? What decisions are difficult for you to face right now? Are there areas of your life where you feel defeated? Where are you in ruts in your life? In your relationships? Are there areas in your life where you diminish yourself, make yourself small, roll over, play the victim? What are some of your constricted belief systems and dogmas you hold on to? Who judged you earlier in life? How do you condemn yourself? What are some of your greatest fears? What areas of your life are lacking richness? What is draining you and robbing you of your energies?

What does success mean to you at this point? How about satisfaction? Peace of mind? What areas of your life worry you the most? Are you protecting yourself? What is your highest aspiration? Do you feel your inner beauty? Where do you feel most talented? Do you trust your intuition? Your instincts? Your feelings? Are there areas in your life where you compromise? How does it make you feel?

What feels most unresolved in your life? Are you ready for a brand new outlook on life? Do you feel centered? Are you open to your emotions and feelings? Do you let them guide you? Does cheating or betrayal mean anything to you? Does it have any emotional charge for you?

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