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"Every human being is perfectly unique. The nuances of their character are what makes a person differentiated".

This approach is primarily focused on training the individual artist, not delivering a general system that fits all. It is the strength, success and competitive edge of this methodology. By aiming straight at the "total" human being, it becomes easier to understand their specific talents and personality.

Eric Stone founded Hollywood Actors Studio in 1989 in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and began touring with weekend workshops around the country. His sheer passion for artistic expression and his relentless pursuit of freeing the actor led Eric to establish a permanent actor's studio in Hollywood and Santa Barbara. A safe, non-gaming and empowering "atmosphere" for people to challenge their spirits to more desirable heights of skill and experiential knowledge. Eric is well versed in most major acting techniques of the 20th Century, including Method Acting, the Meisner Technique and Russian genius, Michael Chekhov's Techniques.

"Michael Checkhov's breakthrough work in freeing the actor through the imagination has greatly influenced me and still continues to amaze me."
Eric Stone

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"The coaching is target-oriented to maximize autonomy, effectiveness and singularity of style".

Talent is a matter of choices! If the casting is top-notch, the better performer simply makes better choices. Technique is only here to facilitate the execution of those choices.

Acting and performance rely on very strong dynamics. When used correctly, they produce powerful results.

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Eric & Amy Stone owe their expertise and sensitivity to a variety of trainings and encounters with hundreds of individuals and group dynamics. Go to our BIO page

The first contact is a free talk.

Every actor is unique. Therefore, each program is designed around your particular situation. At first, we spend time with you to get a feel and identify key areas that require insights and coaching.
This happens on the phone or via Zoom or Skype. We then determine a course of action that is most appropriate. Feel free to visit our full pricing page by clicking here.

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Miles Davis said that "music is the space between the notes", then the music of your personal success is the space between your everyday behaviours, your moods & attitudes.

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The Art of Speaking is the Art of Pausing.

Every verbal attempt has a rhythm and a tempo, very much like music does.

Beyond presence and talent, good speaking is viewed as a verbal art form. Elocution, diction, projection and modulation, to only name a few elements, are believed to be the obvious and essential ingredients to a good presentation or performance. So much more goes into good speaking, but it is important to try to pierce the myth of verbal life.

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Is People-Pleasing Contagious?

How many times did you say I’m sorry today? In matters of social and professional interactions, over-pleasing can feel like an addiction…Audience pleasing, apologising and patronising are very easy traps to fall into when interacting socially, speaking in front of groups or while communicating with people professionally.

So is the need to cater needlessly thinking that being soft spoken is the key to win hearts. Have you ever realised how many times you hear “I’m sorry” in a day? Put it to the test, it’s mind blowing. On the surface, these habits can appear as legitimate forms of expression or harmless ways to handle people. On the contrary, they are powerful enemies and should be avoided at all cost.

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Do You Really Know what Roles You are Playing Lately?

And how these roles impact and influence everyone around you? Being aware requires time and patience in order to see what is really going on. Subtle or grossly obvious to others or not, the action paths we take are often embedded in our subconscious.

After all, being aware requires time and patience in order to see what is really going on. That’s true for everything like politics, parenting, career, self-acceptance, confidence, etc. However, we are human beings in a clearly human and extremely fragile world. It means we are all evaluated, scrutinised, and interpreted based on how we present and conduct ourselves in private, professional, public and social circles alike. I like to call it role-playing because admittedly or not, we are always playing a role.

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