Your Voice Power.

I'd like to invite you to reflect on how much the "tone of your voice plays a significant part in your life.

Both professionally and socially, the power of your voice impacts others profoundly. One of the most revealing and growth producing areas in training business people, public speakers and actors, is the way they use their voice.

Knowing how to use your voice can literally transform your world.

Place yourself at a brand new level of confidence and effectiveness by taking a concise 45 min ONLINE SESSION with me personally. The cost is $75 per session.

How to Increase Confidence Using your Voice Power and liberate the great communicator in you?

See what you will learn in 45 minutes below. Sessions can be repeated


In our experience, no less than 40% of our impact in the world is lodged in our voice tone and placement. It goes up to 80% in business or on stage. Articulate your personal power by DISCOVERING your voice! Sign-up here! or text me at (323) 986-6363. I'm looking forward to connecting.

Knowing how to use your voice can literally transform your world. It can be a very rewarding journey.

Let Your "Talent" Do the Talking

The Art of Speaking is the Art of Pausing

"Through the act and willingness to stay physically anchored in the downward and constant pull of our body's weight, a new breathing capacity emerges; it naturally leads to a transformed way of feeling and seeing."

"This correct hierarchy acts as a formidable platform to enhanced cognition. From there, our postures, gestures and facial expressions are genuinely engaged in fueling the power of our words and express our unique voice." Eric Stone


Benefits, Value and Course Description:

* Identify your voice range and qualities
* Activate your ability to speak convincingly using your voice tone
* Up your natural credibility perfecting the rhythm and keyword emphasis for your voice
* Articulate your sounds where it matters by elongating your vowel sounds
* Impact others through better sustained diction
* Learn the power of voice placement as it enriches your message
* Discover how your voice is intimately connected to your self-expression
* Command attention by controlling the timbre, intensity and direction of your voice
* Reconnect with your natural breathing flow to give your ideas and cognition more energy
* Perfect your elocution, melody, intonation, tempo, inflection and pitch to increase relatedness
* Learn the art of pausing by finding their right length and meaning to captivate and inspire
* Up your confidence and authority by knowing how and how much to project your voice
* Learn to relax into your breathing to generate more presence and trust
* Discover your natural appetite to be heard and learn to appreciate your unique expression
* Develop a new appetite to increase your vocabulary & key branding words
* Eliminate unwanted stress, self-consciousness, blanks, ums, "you know's", etc.
* Reduce any regional accent by emotionalizing your speaking voice
* Natural tones versus dramatic voice tones and narrative styles
* Microphone techniques
* Working with energy levels, posting and attitudes
* Effective accent elimination techniques

There are many flexible ways to participate in this series to fit time and budget. Series is delivered online Mondays through Saturdays from 6:00am to 10:00am PST (Pacific Standard Time) and from 6:00am to 1:00pm EST (New York Time)

Feel free to call our office in the US 1-323.986.6363 or in Europe +33 (0)783517418 for all info.

Background and Methodology:

There are many hidden secrets behind our ability to use language to express ourselves and many more behind the voice tone that carries the words we speak. For instance, we need to be learn how to speak. We are so focused on the visual aspects of our lives that we forget the acoustic part, which plays an enormous role in our success and personal well being.

In our experience, no less than 40% of our impact in the world is lodged in our voice tone and placement. It can easily go up to 80% in public speaking, business communication, on stage, in front of a camera or on radio.

As far as communication is concerned, there exists a tendency to either reveal or hide ourselves when meeting others. It may be unconscious and innocent but nonetheless speaks volumes and plays a big part in our ability to demonstrate confidence and polish. Our appetite to be heard and/or seen is expressed as follows:

(1) Through body language: our connection to gravity, planting firmly, relaxing, breathing, postures, gestures, facial expressions, movement, staging and use of space, eye contact, physical and emotional actions, intentions, etc.

(2) Through our voice: energy, tone, rhythm, direction, projection, tempo, inflection, timbre, pitch, intonation, articulation, diction, air flow, etc.

Articulate your personal power by using your voice correctly

On the mechanical and instrumental side and in order to communicate powerfully, our voice needs four fundamental activated elements: air, direction, space and distance.

AIR: Without air the voice cannot function and carry our words and ideas through tone; our vocal cords are vibrating because of the amount of air that is available and passing through.

DIRECTION AND DISTANCE: our words and tone need to travel the physical distance in the direction of whom we are speaking to and addressing.

SPACE: needs to be filled with sound in order to be heard easily and appreciated for what it is intending to communicate.

Through this series, having a renewed and conquered experience of your speaking voice will place you at a brand new level of confidence and effectiveness.

How we work: We use a very specific learning method based on several marvelous and most prominent speech techniques and long-time experience as a voice artist, narrator, director and coach. Eric Stone has had the immense privilege to train under Alice Hermes, Edith Skinner and Robert Easton in New York and Los Angeles.

Written language is organized by punctuation and visual arrangements of words as abstract notions. Spoken language is organized and governed by time (rhythm, phrasing, pauses) and by melody (pitch, intonation and inflection.) Having a renewed and often never originally conquered experience of sound places the speaker at a new level of confidence and control.

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