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To: Corporation, Company or Individual
Subject: Proposal from Eric Stone at Speakers & Artists International, Inc.

Dear Bob,

This is a proposal for a year long training program in public speaking and presentation skills tailored to your company's particular needs and goals. I understand your executives are already engaged in delivering presentations on behalf of the corporation within their specific professional area of expertise.

The overall goal of this professional program would be to empower the "designated" speakers to gain "effectiveness" and "confidence" in their ability to deal with their respective audiences, and in relationship to the content they are accustomed to deliver. Other professionals will join in to begin gaining proficiency with the intention to later on deliver speeches, conferences and seminars.

This will act as a structure to rely on and draw from for the long run. I will remain available in between sessions and we discussed having one-on-one coaching in between workshops. We were discussing an early "pilot" workshop followed by a series of bi-monthly or monthly repeat schedule, one day in length for each group. Group size may vary.

Once we determine the number of participants, I suggest we establish a criteria fro their respective level of illegibility, as well as their respective needs and commitment to the process. I will adjust and refine format as we go And according to the results we produce together.

Two levels sounds appropriate to begin with with exceptions in both groups. Later we can adjust and make recommendations. Two groups of up to 15 or even 20. We also discussed and I strongly agreed, that this structure will be presented to potential participants as a genuine "opportunity" to learn new effective skills and/or reach a much higher level of ability in relationship to public speaking, presentation skills and overall communication style and technique. We talked about making this program available only to people with a serious intent to reach that potential level.

Program content will be designed with several presentation formats in mind:

* Small group / large group sales presentations.
* Large group conferences and seminars informational presentations.
* Educational presentations
* Sales presentations
* All-day workshops your company intends to deliver
* Specialty speeches, Wecasts and Webinars

This training format allows for maximum benefit and lasting results. The course is delivered in a supportive, professional yet challenging manner where individuals are encouraged to participate fully. The course will be composed of: tools, techniques, exercises, mocks, solo work, camera work and interesting inquiries into the nature of communication, self-expression, physical & emotional freedom while speaking in public.

These are some of the topics & distinctions which will be covered and dealt with in depth:

Relaxation techniques -Public presence -Effective presentation -Credibility -Presence - Personal Power - Audience relationship -Stage manners –Dealing with Stage Fright -Creating atmosphere - Body language - Style & delivery -Emotional tones -Listening -Masks, personalities, Acts and Mannerisms - Voice Tones & Intonations -Creating Believable Characters - Externalyzing and "Physicalization" Techniques - Relating authentically - Working beyond "me, me, me." Becoming transparent -Energy levels - Effective Psychological Gestures -Audience participation - Creating Emotional Response - Emotional Triggers – Taking Charge – Working in the Open – Appetites to Belong & Create Strong Presence - Stage fright -Intentionality - Point of view - Message - Feeling at ease - Ability - Communication components - Claiming territory - Imitation & duplication - Lags and holes in communication -Eye contact -Releasing blocks - Tension - Facial expression - Imagination -Taking risks/stepping out - Emotional range - Trust - Self-consciousness - Real versus Cliché Behavior - Two-way Communication - Entrances – Ending & Closing Communications - Creativity and Creative Freedom - Start-stop-change - Self-confidence as it relates to public Speaking and effective Communication

Course location: Beverly Hills, CA at our training facility or on-site at your location or to be decided.

I look forward to working with you.


Eric Stone CEO-President
Speakers & Artists International, Inc.
Beverly Hills, CA

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