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Subject: Proposal from Eric Stone at Speakers & Artists International, Inc.

Dear Tom,

Thanks for having me over at .... I very much enjoyed meeting you and your team.

I believe our talk was productive and to the point.

My proposal stays pretty much along the same lines.

I see an initial review of video cassettes so as to assess respective presentation styles. I would then get a clear idea of what to cover and what exercises to present and what distinctions to hone. As I mentioned to them and your assistant, my feeling is to focus on audience relationship issues and empower that aspect of their performance.

I propose a "crash" session of 3 hours to begin with which will focus entirely on practicing exercises in direct relationship to making both of these knowledgeable experts more "available, clear, and in relationship" with their audience. We'll tackle the "blind spots" which make a fairly large portion of their public either uncertain, unclear or not quite as impacted as ultimately intended. To that effect, I mentioned the "teaching" aspect of their presentations which I think is one of the key components to helping them reach that new intended level. I believe any successful lecturing has in it teaching components which has proven very beneficial to many speakers I worked with in the past. I think it is an aspect of public life which is often overlooked by speakers. All that while keeping in mind not to patronize, ridicule or appear condescending toward your audience.

I'll (we'll) work at (1) Helping them recognize that aspect for themselves and come up with an agreement to impact that and (2) Practice through mocks various aspects of that relationship with the audience.

We'll then assess the progress on their next presentations and we'll all get feed-back from audience, the two speakers, you Tom and all people involved. I see the impact in possibly two phases. I would then come back for a follow up session of 2 hours to hear feed-back in person, assess progress and reliability of the distinctions practiced from the first coaching meeting.

Please let me know your thoughts and comments if any. Run it by them like we discussed and when we're all in agreement we can discuss a time frame for sending me the tapes and booking our first session.

Fee would break down to 2 hours for video study and program development plus 3 hours for first session. If need be a second 2-hour session.

Prices quoted include travel expenses and communication items such as phone, fax and e-mail. It also includes videotape study and program/planning organization.

I'm here to help and welcome your input.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Eric Stone CEO
Speakers & Artists International, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

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