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Dot Speaker Leadership Coaching Strategies to Inspire Your Team

Inspire your team and drive performance with the help of leadership coaching. Discover the strategies you need to take charge in your business and get more out of each member of your team.

Leadership coaching is an effective way to improve the performance of everyone around you. For example, help them gain greater self-awareness, focus on transformative goals, develop new skills, and work more collaboratively. Learn how to use leadership coaching to inspire your team and achieve better business results.

Share Your Vision and Encourage Open Discussion. This creates an environment where everyone feels valued and excited about their role in the success of the team.

A good leader motivates, inspires and empowers everyone around him or her. A leader not only guides but gives advice and direction to a company, an individual or a team. Here are some crucial and creative aspects of leadership you may not have heard about:

  • Dot SpeakerA leader always traffics 3 to 5 steps ahead of everyone. It's part of their job.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader makes sure he or she knows everything that’s going on that concerns his or her business.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader always listens from "moving the actions" of his people forward.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader supports and empowers every chance they get.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader speaks with encouragement and demonstrates rather than tells.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader takes charge of situations naturally and effortlessly.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader innovates at every turn to stay ahead of a changing world.
  • Dot SpeakerLeaders keep their vision close to them and in the foreground of everything they touch.
  • Dot SpeakerTo a leader, communication is not a do or a task, it’s a "space" where thoughts are exposed clearly and shared openly.
  • Dot SpeakerThe #1 enemies of clear communication are withholds: hiding what one thinks, knows or feels.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader executes and makes sure he or she balances commitment with doing things with ease.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader stays compassionate: compassion is the space where intelligence meets the shortcomings and the humanity of people.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader accepts accountability for every result produced by himself and others.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader acknowledges his people as a way to live.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader learns how to expand their commitments so as to include the pressure they experience.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader operates transparently as a way to demonstrate leadership and to generate success and loyalty.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader enjoys power and success. The credit belongs to his or her people as well.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader congratulates good work with heart, he or she shows warmth, support and humanity.
  • Dot SpeakerLeaders always motivate themselves first. Thus, A leader inspires by example: by being inspired themselves.
  • Dot SpeakerLeaders acknowledge their mistakes within the context of their role. Mistakes are opportunities to correct and realign.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader understands that feelings of guilt are the poor man’s way of not doing what’s right.
  • Dot SpeakerAs the visionary of their company, leaders cannot afford to allow any form of guilt, blame and shame to create disharmony.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader understands well that an enterprise constantly needs readjustments, revision and new implementations.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader stops doing what does not work. A leader is well aware of what doesn’t work.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader clearly sees that results in the company are a function of how well individuals communicate with each other.
  • Dot SpeakerUpsets are the results of 3 things: unfulfilled expectations, undelivered communications and thwarted intentions.
  • Dot SpeakerLeaders stay clear about their blind spots. They rely on trusted beings around them to tell them the truth.
  • Dot SpeakerGreat understanding takes 3 roads: affinity, the things the leader shares in common with others and superior communication.
  • Dot SpeakerA leader allows his talent to guide them. Role embodiment are the prisms through which a leader occurs for people.
  • Dot SpeakerAt the end of the day, all is verified and held through the shared purpose of the company.

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