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Welcome to Quantum Design Connection!

This is a perfect place to explore self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and intuitive awareness as it relates to personal or self-development.

Knowledge is power

Through self-knowledge and emotional awareness tools, we help people and companies assess and redefine areas where change, growth and expansion are needed. By revealing actual potential and exposing blind spots, new and fresh perspectives take the lead to create the future.

We are in-depth problem solvers! We put our fingers on where it matters to create and sustain a quantum leap into new mind-patterns, authentic perspectives and unique behaviors. We assert that success in the world is first and foremost a behavior and the embodiment of the spirit of that behavior.

What we do

We work with people and companies from all walks of life and cultures and are passionate about contributing to their success and development.


We have synthesized our extensive experience with modern scientific knowledge & time-tested processes. Combining aspects of neuroscience, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), with elements of SOD (Science of Differentiation), we created a wheel of self-knowledge and emotional intelligence. It is a mapping and a very precise methodology we call Quantum Design Mechanics.

Think of it as having the technology to very accurately pinpoint key conscious & unconscious aspects of your DNA matrix in order to assist you in navigating all aspects of life at a much higher level of awareness and ease.

That is the promise and premise of this brand of personal development. The accuracy is quite astonishing, as well as the realignment potential with what you are trying to accomplish.

Here are some examples of what gets revealed, it can make an enormous difference in matters of personal development, creativity, career, social life, innovation, and company growth. Click here !

What is Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness coaching? Click on image.

A new brand of Coaching

Know Thyself

“Know Thyself and slide through life effortlessly.”

Our true power is not the roles we play, what we do or the money we may earn. Beyond old mind patterns, the great music of our lives is in the spirit of our body language.

Spirit awareness and emotional understanding

Self-awareness and self-knowledge are tied together. For instance, I (Eric) know that I have an enormous capacity to focus and concentrate for long periods of time. That’s great but I also know that I can only concentrate on things that make me feel good and that I love doing. I only derive pleasure and beauty from doing things I love. In other words, I am not a “concentration machine” nor a slave to my capacity to focus and concentrate. I am the least focused person when I try to focus on what I dislike doing.

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