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We are a husband and wife team who have combined their respective expertise, backgrounds and experience to offer advanced training and personal development to individuals and companies desiring to dramatically improve their communication skills, confidence and self-expression professionally and personally.

Performance Impact is what we are up to using innovative methodologies and knowledge.

By combining our skill-sets and vast experience, we truly enjoy sharing priceless techniques and insights into the world of body-language and its formidable impact.

In addition to having trained public speakers and taught business communication for more than 25 years, the strength of our approach relies on Amy's extensive background in psychology and Eric's background and experience as a stage, TV and voice artist for more than 30 years, as well as a director and long parallel career in the visual arts.

This created a powerful fusion, taking every client closer to their heart and purpose with class and efficiency. Who has time to waste? Training with us is a journey from the head to the heart and we train the "total being".

Become an athlete of the word, of the heart and of body-language.

We are based in France part of the time and travel to New York City, Los Angeles, the U.S. and around Europe. We work in English mainly but also speak French.

Speakers & Artists International, Inc. started as a premier acting training studio in Hollywood back in 1989. Immediately after its inception, attorneys, public speakers, business professionals, teachers, university professors, etc., sought professional help to polish their skills using acting and performance techniques and methods. It was an immediate success. It led to the creation of Speakers & Artists International, Inc., a company dedicated to offering consulting and training to business professionals and the corporate world.

Now based in Europe as well, our company brings communication, public speaking and performance to a whole new level.

We assert that the business world is the "NEW STAGE" and the business world needs to be empowered with these surprisingly unknown skills and techniques.

Performance Impacting is what we do. We also like to call it: the Actor Metaphor in Business.

The power of the actor's tool box, directing, the visual arts and psychology are at the heart of our methodology and its impact on individuals.

It has become a "must do" education and training for hundreds of individuals throughout the world as people come to us from all over: China, Denmark, Canada, India, Spain, South America, etc.

We teach small to large audience public speaking, advanced communication in business, social and personal confidence, professional acting training and take on clients for personal life therapy. Some obvious benefits to our clients are:

-Learn the language and tool-set of a professional actor
-Learning how to stage yourself and your message with confidence and style
-Honing a unique public persona to energize and impact your audiences
-Refine your style and expression through words, language and subtext
-Take your body-language to a whole new level of effectiveness by creating unique "branding" postures and gestures
-Language and express your true intentions with your facial expressions and stage techniques

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All services we offer are individually tailored. Think of us as expert problem solvers. All problems are sleeping solutions. It begins with your specific situation. The first question we ask is, “What professional situation or circumstance needs a solution?” You want to get better at something that will make a big difference for you, either financially, personally, and/or professionally. So, you are seeking immediate help!

Our mission is to empower individuals, entrepreneurs and companies to optimize their productivity through superior skills in public speaking, performance and communication. We invite every client to: "Radically ignite their self-confidence, leadership, self-expression and self-awareness." Learning to focus on things that makes you more confident and effective is priceless. We are what we focus on...read entire article

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