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Each client is unique, and each program is designed around client’s specific need. Before I take on an individual or company, it is essential I spend time in person or on the phone to get a sense of each other, and identify key concerns, and specific areas that require improvement. We then determine a course of action that is most appropriate for the individual or company. It includes where, how often we'll work, when, and for how long. At times, a video cassette or CD/DVD of client’s speeches or presentations are sent to me for evaluation. I then send out a proposal via e-mail or fax which is either approved or adjusted as need be. We also discuss payment options at that time. Most companies offer to draft a retainer. That concludes step one of the process.

Based on the plan of action outlined in a proposal, I may assign light homework in the form of questions and/or questionnaires. It points to areas of insights on the nature of public speaking as it relates to the speaker and their audience. I may ask questions which aim at stimulating thinking and interest in conquering the next level of proficiency.

Training sessions are offered at all levels of proficiency and skill levels.

Trainings sessions length vary from 1 hour to 2 entire days which can be repeated as progress is assessed. It depends on the application, time and budget available. All training sessions are individually tailored. The format strongly relies on the quality time we spend initially understanding the client's specific needs. Some people train once a week for two hours for a month and up to two years. Others take intensive courses from two to six hours long only once or according to specific goal to be achieved. Others still train on weekends a whole day or a half a day at a time. Many clients train their entire executive, marketing or sales team on an ongoing basis, two to four days per month for several years.

If your company is not located in or close to Los Angeles we can come to you. This is usually discussed during the first consultation and becomes part of our proposal.

Typically, fees for businesses and corporations are negotiated to accommodate budget and time elements. Base rate is $275.00 or €250.00 per hour. A half day intensive starts at $ 1,250.00 or €1150.00. A full day intensive is $2,500.00 or €2250.00 for up to 5 participants. Prices go up starting a 6 individuals up to 22.

Fees for business professionals and individuals are €155.00 per hour with substancial discounts when signing up for multiple-hour packages.

When I fly or travel to you, we agree on travel expenses and arrangements. The fees quoted above includes e-mail, phone and faxes back and forth as well as continued feedback after sessions or in between them. It does not include study and evaluation of materials such as CD's or cassette tapes or specially requested projects, nor does it include camera or audio fees. It does not either include additional phone or in-person coaching in between sessions.

Travel expenses are covered up to one 1 hour travel time to and from me to you. Fees are invoiced in advance and paid at the time of service or agreed upon at the time a retainer agreement or a letter of intent is signed. Intensive trainings require a 75% deposit at time of booking.

We also offer all-day training and two-day intensives. Fees for corporate and group trainings are $575 per participant per day with a minimum of 5 in a group. Semi-private sessions fees (2 to 4 participants) are decided upon on a case by case basis and invoiced as a day training session (see above.)

Policy: Fees are paid in advance or a 50% deposit is usually required. Balance is paid upon completion of each training session. We accept all forms of payment in US dollars and Euros. We also accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

We propose we speak on the phone. You may also fill out our contact form. We'd be happy to answer any questions. Our office number is in the US 1-323.986.6363 or in Europe +33 (0)783517418, our fax is . I look forward to speaking with you. Sincerely,

Eric and Amy Stone