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Self-confidence, self-esteem, and personal power are all part of our collective strategy and desire to achieve happiness and fulfillment.

We grow and develop by mutative leaps, like entangled particles that are never quite differentiated. Quantum Design begins with the premise that the very fabric of our authentic self is non-judmental and joyous. We are creative at all levels of our being and can live independently of unproductive cerebral chatter. Take a jump into surrendered living where you let go of control, ineffective role playing and concerns about creative expression or direction. Tap into your authentic self and allow something extraordinary to manifest. Begin to trust the inner resonance within yourself. Experience within, manifest without. Your adventuring spirit can generate the personal success you long for.

Services- Areas of Impact: • Creativity • Be Your Own Celebrity • Relaxation • Decision Making • Life Change • Relationships • Career • Social Life • Self-Esteem • Self-Confidence • Self-Worth • Healing the Past • Firing The Inner Critic

We are in-depth problem solvers! We put our fingers on where it is uncomfortable to create and sustain a quantum leap into new patterns, authentic perspectives and new behaviors. We assert that success in the world is a behavior and the embodiment of the spirit of that behavior. We are not the roles we play, our thinking, what we do or the money we may earn. The music of our lives cannot happen if our minds run the show. Do you know where your spirit is lately? Brand spirit is a behavior that breathes, has a body, a heart, a surrendered mind, a personality playing in a multitude of qualities and variations. It starts within in the heart and the willingness to boldly experiment with new strategies.

Conviction comes from accomplishing! The Trinity of accomplishment: (1) Results, (2) Growth and Development, and (3) Fulfillment. We habitually cultivate a passion for results but very little attention is given to our blind spots. Nobody is without talent nor potential. To grow and develop is also connected to the slow but crucial giving up of mind-based living for richer, freer, and broader horizons. Playfulness and creativity are highly complementary if not synonymous. See our PREMISE: Are You Ready To Let Go?

* Investing in Yourself
* Self-Knowledge
* Emotional Awareness and Transformation
* Identity and Self-Image
* Leveraging your potential and talents
* Distinguishing Process or What you are Actually Going Through
* Trust and Openness,
* Play and Humor as keys to feeling liberated
* Focus and Concentration
* The Power of Listening
* Imagination
* Masks and Persona work
* Gaming and Non-Gaming Contexts
* Child and Suppressor/Parent Paradigms
* Creative Decision Processes

Pushing the envelope: elements for “sourcing” oneself in abundance and possibility versus scarcity and lack. Moving up the ladder of consciousness and creativity.

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