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The central purpose of Speakers & Artists International, Inc. is to advance and enrich the communication, performance and productivity of each and every client. We offer real solutions in the areas of public speaking, business communication, public performance, and all media appearances such as radio, television and web presence. We view clear, skillful and effective communication as vital keys to successs, productivity and a healthy growth and development.


We artfully deliver unique and innovative insights, tools, techniques and dynamic skills, via private one-on-one and group trainings, seminars and workshops. Training is designed to accessing strong leadership, passionate communication, and personal power. Our ultimate aim is to promote creativity, self-expression and self-discovery in each and every client within their professional contexts and various profesional situations.

The strength of the approach is that it is entirely tailored and focused on training individuals as opposed to delivering a general "system." The claim and result of this innovative method is to succeed in keying in on client needs by developing strategies based on actual needs. We thus contribute in developing strong, independent and creative individuals, accountable for themselves and the results they produce. We stand behind our training method 100%. All our clients retain confidence, competence and skill level long-term.

Our clients are successful individuals and companies looking to continue developing and honing their skills to maintain their competitive advantage. They are brilliant entrepreneurs, leaders and talented individuals always looking to better themselves every chance they get.

Our programs are innovative and owe their success to key strategic dynamics which are CREATIVITY (Individual as actor and creator of his experience.), PERFORMANCE (Curriculum is based in part on actor and performer skills and talents.), PUBLICNESS (Being public reveals the human being. The public realm as “open” realm for self-discovery, learning and self-mastery.), PRESENCE (the ability to be here, show up and listen from new found sources of attention, focus and awareness.), and EXPERIENCE (The experiential realm is the realm where the quality of our knowing is immediate, absolute and based on intuition rather than intellectualization or judgment.)

We are committed to our clients being leaders and creating harmony and relatedness in the world. Our clients are nurtured, empowered and fulfilled, while contributing to themselves, their industry, communities, and the world at large.

Eric Stone
Eric Stone - Founder