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Leadership has much more to do with Vision and Inspiration than Toughness and Resolve.

The best leaders are accountable for promoting a culture where their people value themselves, each other, the customers, and the company. Everyone is always looking to do things better. An inspired and motivated workforce is essential to stay ahead of the competition.

There are many techniques and styles to motivate, inspire and empower people around you. People respond to example, praise and trust. I recommend that we spend time on the phone or in person to inquire into your specific goals. Feel free to call my office at in the US 1-323.986.6363

* Challenging Creative Thinking for Executives
* Entrepreneurs Spirit for Business Professionals
* Productivity and Personal Leadership styles
* Business Expansion, Branding and Core Message
* Training and Education in Creative Concepts

Management and Communication Styles:

• Proactive Strategies to create partnership
• Leading by Example: Accountability as a freedom not a burden
• Empowerment versus vertical thinking
• Managing Processes not people

• Effectiveness as a function of authentic communication
• Responsibility as Creative Choice
• Paradigm Shifting and Applied Chaos Theories
• Relationship Design Concepts and Applications at all levels of Human Interactions
• Breakthrough Technologies to Handle Conflicts &
• Handling Breakdowns as Sleeping Solutions
• Resistance and Energy Re-channeling
• Time management Techniques and Priority Handling Designs
• Intentionality as structures for the Fulfillment of Intended Results
• Integrity and Self-Confidence as Functions of Outstanding Performance
• Using Blind Spots as Opportunities for Team Building

Coaching for Excellence: “You can’t practice what You can’t distinguish.

People develop at their own pace and are encouraged to be bold in ideas, courageous in taking chances and tenacious to acquire a seamless and lasting technique. The programs are unique is that they cover a complete and necessary spectrum of distinctions which Eric Stone considers the most potent in the pursuit of performance skills.

Self-expression and self-confidence matter in relationship to performance skills. Eric Stone views performance as a physical, experiential and public art form. To exist freely in those realms takes courage. Eric prides himself to deliver the tools and "heart of the matter" insights to give his clients over the years the confidence to succeed.

Eric views confidence as the certainty and therefore, reliability of something. To be confident is to be certain. A reliable technique is something you can depend on and from that platform act with power.

There are many flexible ways to participate in our programs to fit time and budget considerations. I recommend that we spend time on the phone or in person to inquire into your specific needs and goals. Feel free to call my office at in the US 1-323.986.6363 or in Europe +33 (0)783517418.

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