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Self-Confidence is the Key to Performing in Difficult Times

Context and Premise: Self-confidence has long been thought of as an important determinant of performance, aliveness, and fulfillment. Self-confidence for the most part is viewed as a feeling. Inner strength comes to mind or a person's belief that he or she can succeed. This generates feelings of competence, which in turn reinforce confidence.

“If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Self-Confidence is a matter of certainty. Rather than seeing confidence as a feeling, I have for many years presented it as certitude instead. Certitude is a state of complete assurance. It is very empowering and motivating.

The feeling of confidence is reliant on the certainty at play below it, so certainty acts as the structure for the fulfillment of confidence. In other words, if you are certain you are very likely to feel confident. If someone were to ask you for your name, and after you’d tell him or her they didn’t believe you, you’d feel so “confident” about it that even the idea of asserting it would become ludicrous to you.

Certainty is a knowing, therefore, I am self-confident when I am certain. Feelings are more difficult to deal with as they are not as certain, unless, we are referring to gut feelings.

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