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Public Speaking Los Angeles


C O M M U N I C A T I O N   &

P U B L I C    S P E A K I N G    W O R K S H O P    I N    P R O V E N C E


W H E R E : In the heart of PROVENCE. 2H30 from PARIS by TRAIN near AVIGNON

H O W  L O N G : 1 to 3 DAYS.

L O D G I N G   I S   I N C L U D E D.

Provence Intensive

Description and Methodology:

The COMMUNICATION training program is a world-class, hands-on, experiential tool to enhance every facet of communication at work, in the field and, at large, in life. Effective communication is at the heart of every successful enterprise. From intention to relatedness, communication is a fonction of our effectiveness, vitality and well-being. Issues of personal power and confidence are very much tied to our ability to communicate. Articulation, assertion, communion, connection, contact, conversation, corresponding, declaration, delivery, disclosing, elucidation, expression, interchange, intercommunication, making known, talking, and telling, are all aspects of communication often taken for granted.

We are recognized as the leading training venue for professional speaking, communication skills, performance, leadership, personal growth & development, and self-expression. We train and develop outstanding speakers and communicators, and contribute to the productivity and well being of all our clients through the understanding of communication, personal development and self-expression as vital functions of successful companies in the 21st Century. Our processes and methodology is unique as it draws all of its strength from more that thirty years of professional experience in the artistic arenas of theatre, film, television, voice-over artistry and art.

Since 1976, Eric Stone has developed a world-class approach to developing first-rate actors, public speakers and communicators utilizing key processes and principles learned within the entertainment industries. By drawing key connected relationships between creativity and productivity, self-expression and success, our programs become must do programs for any company genuinely committed to the aliveness, well being and success of both their employees and their business.

Our methodology is based on coaching, training, empowerment, consulting and development skills, dynamic tools and distinctions. The process of this series is to free the natural confident communicator in all of us. Habit and lack of early training and support has us stuck in old patterns of suppressed expression. It affects daily results dramatically. We offer simple and easy processes to enhance effective communication. In any situation there is what we SAY, what we DO, what we FEEL and what we THINK. All these dimensions are governed by our perceptions and sense of ourselves. Perceptions literally dominate the scene. Both conscious and sub-conscious elements play a part in how we relate to others. They affect greatly what we SAY, what we DO, what we FEEL and what we THINK. What this method does is expose the context from which we THINK, FEEL, SPEAK and ACT. A limited set of perceptions limits our realm of ACTION. By increasing our awareness, we gain access to a larger arena of interactions and begin acting with more confidence, power and freedom.

The central purpose and role of Speakers & Artists International, Inc. is defined as enhancing the communication, well-being, aliveness and hence the performance and productivity of each and every client.

Public Speaking Los Angeles

Delivering uniquely competitive programs, tools, distinctions and dynamic trainings to promote communication, creativity, self-expression and self-discovery for each and every graduate. Programs are innovative and rest on key strategic creative dynamics which are CREATIVITY (Individual as actor and creator of his experience.), PERFORMANCE (Curriculum is based in part on actor skills and talents.), PUBLICNESS (Being public reveals the human being. The public realm as open realm for self-discovery, learning and self-mastery.), PRESENCE (the ability to be here, show up and listen from new found sources of attention, focus and awareness.), and EXPERIENCE (The experiential realm is the realm where the quality of my knowing is immediate, absolute and based in intuition rather than judgment.) We are in the business of empowering people to attain fulfillment, self-expression, and realizing their true potential. WE ARE COMMITTED TO OUR CLIENTS BEING LEADERS IN THEIR COMMUNITIES AND CREATING HARMONY AND RELATEDNESS IN THE WORLD.


Description and Methodology: Conventional educational practices often aim at feeding you concepts and theories and it is to you to figure out how to apply them. In this method you learn by personal discovery and experiential wisdom using a large palette of processes, techniques and distinctions to promote self awareness. This workshop is a great learning experience and a whole lot of fun. The aim being to outgrow limiting self concepts and non productive fixed ways of being. We, human beings, grow past real or perceived limitations by pushing through and ultimately confronting what is in the way of our next phase of development. (To confront is the ability to stay in the presence of a person, thought, feeling or occurrence without fleeing physically or mentally.) Seldom do we recognize context as the source of our experiences. Yet all the experiences of a fish are conditioned by water and its properties.

While conventional education methods focus on content (information, rules, or theoretical skills), this method deals with context or medium in which the contents of our lives occur. Medium is used here to mean the ideological environment from which we think and act (water to fish, air to bird and man to himself.) By revealing the context in which we operate, we can reorganize limiting beliefs, thoughts and actions into a new freedom to act and a self-generated personal power.

All processes presented are creative in nature and the creative realm is thoroughly distinguished as separate from the psychological, therapeutic or other realms. All realms carry expectations and, as contexts, organize content differently. The creative realm is a free realm. Processes have been tested and proven considerably effective. Games, mocks and group encounters are the general form of most processes. In addition, participants do work solo and in pairs in front of the group thus creating more opportunities for personal growth and success. There are three major areas of expertise this method delivers: (1) Creative inquiry into the nature of where we are presently on all levels ie: personal, social, cultural, ideology, belief system, professional, etc. in order to challenge and encourage participants to look and distinguished where they have not before. (2) The actual practicing of exercises, tools, techniques and distinctions delivered which, by process, will create the desired level of understanding and possible breakthrough (the theories are part of the processes not separate) and (3) by creating openings for action which usually the coach infuses gracefully and insightfully into the momentat hand; very much like a tennis coach by simply directing your attention to one element of the game previously ignored will literally change the way you play tennis from one moment to the next. It makes this approach not only innovative but organic from start to finish with a lasting impact. Participants are challenged in a creative, fun, and genuinely supportive fashion. Atmosphere is professional and safe to allow personal risk taking. All participants are encourage to put something important at stake in the results they will produce thus showing up as active partners with the coach rather than passive players. You get out of these trainings what you are willing to put into it. By making participation an accountability and also requesting participants to be accountable for the results they produce, the extraordinary become almost inevitable.

Typically delivered as a two-day seminar, the COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP is a must do program for any company genuinely committed to empower their emplyees with key strategic communication techniques. Key clients are CORPORATIONS, BUSINESSES SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE, INDIVIDUALS, ENTREPRENEURS, BUSINESS OWNERS, PROFESSIONALS, ACTORS, PERFORMERS, COMMUNICATORS, EDUCATORS, POLITICIANS AND PROFESSIONAL PUBLIC SPEAKERS. Additional client base is composed of CEO's, PRESIDENTS, CFO's, H&R, SALES TEAMS, STAFF, and EMPOYEES AT ALL LEVELS OF CORPORATE OR COMPANY STRUCTURE.

Who participates: People who might have been or are still frightened by public appearances and presentations but are either currently doing it anyway or are called upon to present in the near future. There is a world beyond sweaty palms, the urge to flee, fainting or even preferring death to public appearance (as stats seem to tell us.) At this level, participants are truly educated about the actual nature of the public realm which, from what we can tell from experience, was never clearly distinguished for any of us growing up. This is for individuals who have it in them to become truly masterful. They are influential personalities who have made public life a big part of their purpose. People who are already seasoned accomplished speakers. They have conquered most traps and genuinely like what they do in front of an audience and have a terrific sense of who they are. This level is for people who have been speaking and presenting for a while and do regular appearances in various professional venues. Confidence is not the issue but perhaps a desire to expand into other medias and cultivate different ideas. They prefer to do it in a safe professional setting where they can try things before taking it on the road. Somehow they still feel something is missing from their performances. Issues of style, personal power, engaging their audience, creating more vibrant presentations seem to be the usual objectives.

There also may be issues of design and staging at the next level of proficiency and understanding. Sometime the difference between really good and great is not that big. Excellence is at stake at this level. It is not about proving but being. Coaching at this level is highly creative and involves trust. Coach is more a director than a coach. There might still be a few facets of his or her talent, the speaker needs to hone or reveal. Participants at this level are about humble mastery. The coach is the witness to what the performer is learning. There is real creative symbiosis. People who are already able to seasoned speakers. They have conquered basic trappings and public speaking to them is comfortable and in some cases enjoyable. This level is for people who have been speaking and presenting for a while and do regular appearances in various professional venues. Somehow they still feel something is missing from their performances, not always but they sense that there's room to improve. Issues of style, personal power, engaging their audience, creating more vibrant presentations seem to be the usual objectives. There also may be issues of design and staging at the next level of proficiency and understanding. This level takes the leap into true competence and effectiveness. Choices and risk taking become the main arguments for climbing to the next level. The tools are designed around style, personality, power and relatedness to audiences or camera. The performer comes out but not every time and the willingness is still there to go further. There also might be issues of at-stakeness for the business the person is in. More business can be derived from better presentations and the time has come to set time aside to reach higher.

Intention and Promises: To train each and every individual to become a truly competent communicator in all professional situations. This is communication dissected in all its forms both positive and negative. To arm participants with lasting tools and techniques that command attention and deliver clear messages. To enhance every facet of a person's persona and identity in the world through clear, effective and powerful communication. To distinguish all types of communication styles, methods and ways and clearly generate a model of for workable, effective and successful communication. To mock and identify all non-workable styles and modes of communication. To clearly distinguish what specific dynamics all communications rest on. To empower each individual to understand their own specific style or mode of communication and hence make themselves better known in the world. The intention is to put the participants directly in charge of their communication physically (body language, eye contact, postures and other subtle forms), emotionally (internal and external emotional attidudes via facial expressions, physical conditions and sub-conscious emotional communications), and mental or psychological (thought patterns, moods, attidudes, etc.) which all either betray our intentions or help them. The aim is lastly to empower individuals to integrate all aspects of their communications (verbal, physical, emotional, psychological) into clear channels of intention. The intention of this level training to remove all doubts as to create effectiveness. Credibility and personal power is taken to a much higher plateau within the communication realm.

Main distinctions covered: The public realm and its dynamics. Development of public persona in action. Basic staging and freedom of movement. Carrying intentions: basic terminology. Leaving stage fright behind. Understanding and practice of basic actions on to an audience. Delivering a message to an audience. Basic credibility and confidence issues. Learning to breathe and live on stage. Self-control, Learning basic agenda delivery. Working with pauses as best friend to speaker. Assertiveness and taking charge: basic techniques. Showing up and controlling my impact on my audience. Making choices: basic methods. Working with slides. Audience acknowledgement. Introduction of participants. Practice of basic willingness to be seen, heard and communicate a message.

Prerequisite: A strong desire to become a truly competent communicator. A solid willingness to be coached and trained. Willing to have fun, participate, grow and learn about themselves in a group situation.

Format: Two-day group trainings up to 22 individuals. Repeated as necessary at various company departments. One-on-one 1-day or 1/2 Day trainings. Repeated as necessary at higher levels of proficiency and company departments. When: Week days or weekends to be determine at time of booking with proposal and per retainer agreement.

Where: In Los Angeles or on-site or off-site in your city.

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