I was led to becoming an artist as a child.

I did not however touch a brush until age 40. Fascinated by the innermost workings of the universe, both physical and spiritual, I find keen similarities between the vastness of the expanding cosmos and consciousness. I relate to myself as a "traveler in space" and paint from inner visions and intense emotions. My paintings are proofs and accounts of my travels and discoveries.

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Magic or virtuosity? Any work of art I produce is an optical illusion that aims at accurately reflecting the emotional and psychological state of my viewers. Naturally, the artist is also included in this process.

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One of the great secrets is that a work of art only exists when it is seen and it is so for the viewer as well. Therefore, a quantum or transformation is always a potential.

The art lover or spectator only exists when he or she appears in front of the art piece. In any case, when the magic is discovered, the individual becomes "potentially" conscious of what he feels deep inside his or her own being.

Conversely, one can also stay on the surface and see very little. Comfortable inside his or her own mental assessments, which are imagined to be a fair and refined critique of the artist's work, nothing of true value is discovered. Once again, ego has won.

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Art is an astonishing mirror—skillfully articulated by the artist—so that the viewer can observe himself as he is, and draw his own conclusions with his own observations. He needs the illusion of thinking he's looking at a work of art, when in fact, he's beginning to be interested in himself at a level, unfamiliar or unknown to him prior.

He or she can thus explore his own psyche in complete privacy, without realizing it or be embarrassed at what he discovers or sees. Eventually, it becomes clear. Consequently, to me, art is an occult science and anonymity a great skill. Well disguised and sheltered from human prejudice, misery and ignorance, the artist is concretely the skillful and talented psychiatrist of this world. All without having to intervene in person or for people to know about it.

This is the real magic of my art and why I exist. The aim of art is to heal and liberate each individual who witnesses it. Too few human beings come into contact with the "need" to be free. It is for this reason that art, like nature, is being so threatened to deteriorate and potentially disappear.

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About Philippe Benichou

Philippe Benichou, also known as Eric Stone, is a American artist living in France since 2020. Born in French-Algeria in 1957, his mother, Arlette Oger, was an artist and Beaux-Arts professor in France.

Philippe formally studied with well-known art educator and sculptor Francis Coelho, in San Francisco, CA. Exhibitions of his work have taken place worldwide in more than nine countries including those at MOCA Museum of Computer Art in New York and his paintings are found in many public and private collections in the U.S. and around the world. He is the recipient of several awards and mentions for his artistic merit. He continues to study art as it relates to self-knowledge, individual empowerment and the healing potential of color.

An important part of his development is owed to working extensively as a performer. Philippe is a highly respected figure within the performing arts field and the original founder of the Hollywood Actors Studio (est. 1989) & Speakers & Artists International, Inc. (est. 2003) where he still lectures on creativity, self-expression and communication.

He was made accepted by Arthur Penn and Shelley Winters to be an honorary member of the New York Actor's Studio in 1981, and is a graduate of Uta Hagen’s academy of actors at HB Studio, where he studied acting and directing from 1978 to 1986.

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Benichou leaves a lasting impression. He finds meaning in the risk and challenge of the unconventional always evolving and inviting us to share in his never-ending journey. He takes us on an artistic odyssey making the unknown known and the invisible visible.

Nancy di Benedetto NY Critic, Juror, Historian and Lecturer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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