Can I have a Work of Art Commissioned by the Artist?

Yes. The first step is to contact the Artist by mail with a “Letter of Intent” describing your request and intent to Commission the Artist’s services. You may also contact the Artist by e-email requesting the same.

Before Sending a Letter of Intent, Review the Following

1.  First and foremost be certain you understand what type of work the Artist creates on a daily basis. If the Artist is an Abstractionist. that is the general theme of the work the Artist creates.

2.  What genre does the Artist work on a consistent basis? Example: Portrait painters usually do not like to paint Landscapes.

3.  Know what type of medium the Artist works with, such as acrylic, oils, or other? Do not ask the Artist to paint in oils if the Artist paints only in Acrylics.

NOTE: Some Artists work in many mediums while others work in only one.

4.  Know what substrates the Artist typically paints on, such as paper, canvas, metal, etc.

5.  What is the minimum and maximum size of a Work of Art the Artist will or can create?

6.  Is there a time constraint, and can the Artist finish the commissioned work in a timely fashion?

7.  Is the work open-faced or must it be mounted under glass?

8.  Think about the shipping constraints from point of origin to the final destination for such a Work of Art. Example: A six foot by nine foot canvas is better shipped un-mounted and rolled.

9.  When, where, and who will mount and frame the work if created on canvas or paper? Are these materials included in the final price of the Art Work?

10.  Know that a Professional Artist paints and creates according to a system of general rules. Which means what you envision may not be artistically feasible.

11.  If you are not certain of the above or have additional questions, then Query the Artist before sending a Letter of Intent.

12.  In the end, do not enter into a contract if you have unanswered questions.

What are the Guidelines for a Letter of Intent?

1.  Generally a Letter of Intent is a request to Commission the Artist’s Services, which in effect is a binding contract in some States or Countries.

2.  The following is a general guide of what you may want to discuss with the Artist.

a.  In what medium, genre, and size of Art Work do you want created?

b.  Where will this Work of Art be created?  In the Artist’s Studio or on location in some distant land.  Who is to pay for the Artist’s expenses and to what limit?

c.  What is your low and high budget and how will you pay for the work and what type of payment do you offer?

d.  How long does the Artist have to create the work, the length of time in weeks or months?  Usually the Artist will tell you how long they need to complete the work based on your request.

e.  How should the work be mounted and/or framed and who is to do this?

f.   How, where and to whom is the finished work to be shipped?

To commission the artist please call (1) 323-986-6363