Artist Statement

I never consciously intended to paint.

I was led to becoming an artist through a spiritual quest that began when I was a child and crystallized in the late 1990’s. I have always been intensely fascinated by the innermost workings of the universe, both physical and spiritual. Finding keen similarities between the vastness of the expanding cosmos, freedom of mind and consciousness, I often imagine myself as a space traveler.


Aquadigigraphy Self-portrait by Philippe Benichou

I'm a fervent student of ego life. I draw an absolute distinction between thought and awareness or pure feeling of life. Life appears to us through ego thoughts or the magic of pure awareness. One discriminates, judges and analyzes through dualistic processing, while awareness is a matter of letting go, and letting go is a function of surrendering your life’s direction and steering away from the mind (ego thinking).

Mon Chemin

Exhibition Galerie Vivendi. PLace des Vosges. Paris

L'art abstrait, langage privilégié de l'âme.