Welcome! I am an artist & photographer. I turn photos into beautiful art.

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  • Louis and Sidney
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Courage & Dignity

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Sidney and Louis

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What is AquaDigiGraphy?

AquaDigiGraphy combines watercolour (Aqua), digital art (Digital), and photography (Graphy). Some of the tools are: pencils, watercolours & pastels. Oils & acrylics. Photography & Digital Art. This process has many stages to arrive at a finished artwork. The final art piece is a digital file ready to print. All artworks are made to order.

It can be printed on fine art paper, canvas or other media such as aluminum or plexiglass. I create compositions based on a style you favor from samples or I simply follow my inspiration. The sizes of the final print may vary depending on where the art will be displayed. It can be as small as an 4x6 Inch (10x15 Centimeter) or as large as 40x60 Inch (100x150 Centimeter) or even bigger. They can be square, rectangular or anything in between.

"I have never looked better. All my friends love it! I made a beautiful print for my dad."

Marc Siciliani ~ Actor client - March 2022

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