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Pricing and How it Works

Each client is unique with specific intentions. Therefore, each program is designed around your particular situation.

At first, it is essential we spend time with you to get a feel for each other and begin identifying key concerns and areas that require insights and coaching.

The first contact is a free consultation. This can happen on the phone, in person or via Zoom or Skype. We then determine a course of action that is most appropriate.

We work via online sessions of 60 minutes (1H) up to 90 minutes (1H30) to be repeated on a weekly basis or more if necessary. We schedule sessions together and determine via what medium, typically virtual sessions online or by phone.

The first introductory session is generously discounted to $65 for 1H for you to test the water. Regular sessions are $90 per 1H sessions and we offer discounted packages for multiple sessions. A 30 minute session costs $45. They are usually paid at the time of booking or at the end of each session. We accept all forms of payment in US dollars, Euros and other currencies. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and Wires. Checks are okay too or other online payment forms such as SurePay, Square, etc.

Our session hours are mornings from 5AM to 10AM PST or from 5AM to 1PM EST including all corresponding time zones based on EST and PST. For your convenience, we are available 7 days a week Monday through Sunday during the times indicated. In addition, we also work in many countries from 10AM to 6PM Central European Standard Time, Mondays through Saturdays.

Most problems are dormant solutions.

Think of a “Self-knowledge, Emotional Intelligence & Intuitive Awareness” coach as an expert problem solver. There are essentially three types of awareness: emotional, psychological or intellectual and physical. The fourth one is spiritual awareness but it only manifests when the first three are aligned. Spiritual awareness is not at all religious in essence but rather the consciousness that “something” is here watching what is happening on the stage of life.

By asking the right questions and looking where you have not looked before, you become aware of these three awareness potentials. For instance, you bring a behavior, a spirit and an emotional attitude everywhere you go. You also bring a confidence and a truth about those behaviors. They tell the other an unbelievable amount of detail about how you approach life, yourself, others, and how you relate to what you do.

Self-knowledge, Emotional Intelligence & Intuitive Awareness development offers you a new palette of skills to work from and bring to the table. People sense it in the frequency of your behavior.

Knowledge is power and self-knowledge the greatest power.

It begins with your specific situation. What do you see needs improvement, insights or change? What do your instincts or intuition tell you is missing or absent? What do you imagine will make a difference for you? Personal growth? About innovation or inspiration? Professional creativity? Vision? Change? Your job effectiveness? Your company? Is it financial? Social or about someone in particular? See a list of great questions to get inspired by...Click here

The first few sessions are crucial as we establish the foundation together from which we will create results. 80% of the results are achieved in between sessions where you can begin to gather evidence and observe yourself newly in your interactions with the world and the people in it.

All details are discussed clearly before the first session and you will be assigned a series of important questions to prepare beforehand.

Let us help you leverage your potential energies to generate a lasting quantum in self-knowledge, emotional intelligence & intuitive awareness”.