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Thank you for your interest in our workshop series program. Were glad you found us. We are committed to furthering your artistic goals and acting career aspirations and potential.

Hollywood Actors Studio prides itself to be a unique and innovative force in the film and television industry in Hollywood. Our programs train and prepare you for the professional arenas of film, television series, soaps, sitcoms, and stage. We also dedicate special programs and workshops to public speaking, communication skills, commercials and voice over work.

The workshop series is an extraordinary program, a weekend of fun, intensive acting training and performance skills.

The workshop series format is a powerful opportunity to acquire solid acting tools that will last a life time. Talent is a rare blend of sensitivity and intuition. It isnt limited to that; a sense of timing, sincerity of emotion and willingness to commit to clear choices ads to your overall appeal. Accessing our talent is the key to shaping our future achievements. Without access there is only frustration and hopeless illusions. Armed with a strong technique and keen insights into yourself, you transcend your fears and limitations to penetrate the very heart of the matter: the creative process of art. Falling in love with the process gives you the competitive edge; so that when the results aren't immediately present, you can keep going and enjoy what you're doing no matter what!

If acting and a creative life in front of an audience is what you are sincerely committed to, wed love to have you fill out our questionnaire below. The success of our workshops in other parts of the country has prompted us to establish on ongoing program series nationwide so many more people can benefit from professional and new modern tools & techniques.

"Eric Stone offers a new competitive edge in teaching acting, self-expression, communication & public speaking skills through the art of the actor!"

We invite you to consider joining or rejoining us in a truly unique and fulfilling two-day experience. Whether you're a beginner or working actor, a professional performer, or a person simply looking to break new ground in personal effectiveness, powerful communication or self-expression, this workshop promises to deliver authentic tools and techniques which "make sense and work." Well inquire together into the nature of the craft by exploring, through various dramatic structures: self-expression & self-awareness, character in action, relationship, conflict, taking risks, intentions, making strong choices, and honing skills to help you conquer the language and medium of acting. Comedy, Soaps, Dramatic series, Films and Sitcomes to name a few mediums all present different challenges. We thoroughly explore these challenges through cold reading, improvisation skills, film technique and film acting, monologue work, script analysis and scene study.

Acting is a tremendous source of aliveness, communication, self-expression, contribution and empowerment. To be an a actor is to "dwell in possibility," to dream up new frontiers and eradicate forever those self-imposed limitations. Some of us feel the urge to invent new, rich ways to behave, relate, play and live. To be an actor is to live life 100% and "seize the day." It is most important to dig in and find our true instincts, our inner destination and courageously surrender to it. Our goal is to share that possibility with as many people as we can and live our lives to the fullest in the process.

Who Takes Our Workshops: Actors, Performers, Singers, Dancers, Comedians, Professional Speakers, Directors, Producers, Teachers, Psychologists, Therapists, Lawyers, Students...of all levels including Stage Performers.

Who Teaches the Workshops: Eric Stone or a certified teacher trained by Eric Stone. Eric is the founder and head coach at the Hollywood Actors Studio.

Length of the workshops: Two full days: Saturday and Sunday or two week days.

Times: Workshops starts at 10:00 am and ends at approximately 5:00 PM both days. May extend till 6:00 PM

Place: Always a theatre or comfortable spacious setting appropriate for a two-day acting event.

How much: $275.00 to $375.00 for the two full days depending on location. Includes materials. Meals and hotel accommodation not included.

How many people in each workshop: Between 12 and 22.

Levels: Two Levels Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced/Professional with some exceptions.



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*CLICK HERE * for Workshop in a city near YOU!

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