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  • A coach first and foremost distinguishes aspects of the craft and the art form so that it becomes 1-accessible 2-understandable 3-doable and tangible 4-fun.

  • Coaching is distinguishing. Coaching is clarifying.

  • A coach is an artist, a craftsman and a professional. A coach loves coaching.

  • A coach is a trainer, a mentor and a leader. Good coaching inspires and illuminates.

  • A coach does what works to get the job done. All with grace, fun and respect.

  • A coach never humiliates or gets abusive.

  • A coach speaks to the best part of the performer, always, and refuses to deal with him/her any other way.

  • A coach understands the professional arena and gives you the tools to compete in that arena.

  • A coach is graceful, strong, intent and relentless in the pursuit of your best.

  • A coach never takes no for an answer.

  • A coach listens to you from what is possible, not what is predictable.

  • A coach always coaches you from the future of what you will become. That is the power of coaching: seeing what has not yet happened and committing to that vision.

  • A coach respects you. A coach ultimately knows who you are.

  • Coaching is very forwarding and always active. A coach forwards your action.

  • Coaching lives in the beholder. While coaching is now unquestionably recognized as a valuable and important profession, education about being coached is relatively rare. To be "coachable" is the essential prerequisite to a successful "coach-actor" relationship and successful overall results.

  • To be coachable is to understand the role of the coach as well as what is to be expected from the performer, public speaker or professional individual.

  • A coach draws fundamental distinctions which are then translated into doable and tangible actions. "You cannot practice what you cannot distinguish."

  • The main task of the coach is to distinguish with the actor what makes the actor effective or less effective. Once that is discovered, the process is then to devise a plan of action to reach the next intended level of effectiveness or functioning. The more an actor distinguishes about his or her craft the more effective s/he now has the potential to become.

  • Actors need to understand that new levels of awareness come with the territory of hiring a coach and one needs to be prepared for some level of uncomfortability and "unknown" before the desired plateau is reached. We call it welcoming the "new and necessary chaos" so that one's consciousness can expand and develop. The new and necessary chaos gets "reorganized" at the newfound level of effectiveness guided by the new distinctions drawn by the coach.

  • To let the coach "in" is essential and will ultimately determine the results. That's why it is crucial to understand the dynamics involved in working with a good coach as well as choosing wisely who you will let into your realm.

  • Most goals are reached more quickly and easily when the student has a strong personal sense of self; this takes time, but lasts a lifetime.

  • An acting coach trains your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit.

  • A coach demands that you inquire into the nature of your craft and that you ask yourself important questions as to why you want to act.

  • Coaching illuminates your path.

  • Coaching aims at educating you about your art and yourself.

  • A coach is "professionally" invested and committed to your success.

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