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A complete traning ground

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The aim of the weekly Intensives One-On-One programs is to build total and complete confidence in the actor's ability.

Strong coaching is at the heart of many successful careers. Fine-tuning your own technique is a must.

Technique, Cold Reading, Auditions Techniques, Character Development, Relaxation, Self-expression, Improvisations: Film, Stage and Television techniques are all covered in depth. Dramatic structures practiced are Cold Reading Techniques, Scene Study, Monologue work and Improvisation. Click here for full description of the Hollywood Actors Studio training programs. Script analysis and performance Skills are part of the curriculum.

Business of Acting Empowerment Series: Meets once per week. This Series is an essential empowerment tool to create results in your intended creative projects. From fear to creative freedom. The coaching goes beyond notions and common sense to bring you "on the level" distinctions in direct relationship to successful accomplishments in the world. Read about the experiences of students in this program.

Scene Study & Performance Programs: Film and Television technique, cold reading, in-depth character work, improvisation skills, self-expression and creative freedom for the aspiring professional actor.

There are no rules as to how fast a student can develop. It is entirely left up to him or her depending on the willingness to grow and improve. The program does make it possible to learn according to one's desire and commitment. There are three levels of participation and graduation at the Studio. The program is designed as a complete training ground from beginner to full-time professional including young actors. It is an on-going program and you can enter at anytime. It takes two to four years to cover the full length of the program. Most students are encouraged to participate for at least two years to profit fully from the training. Students enter at various levels.

The classes are taught in a fun, supportive, professional and committed environment. The students at all levels are encouraged and trained to take acting on as a self-realization and artistic path for the long run. The coaching is strong, direct and from the heart. The classes are no substitute for psychology or therapy sessions, and humiliation techniques are never used to get results from students. Instead, the method of delivery is respectful of the individual, graceful, relaxed and entertaining. The coach does not make empty promises of success and stardom, but rather aims at building the actor's confidence through acquiring solid skills and a clear understanding and investment in the craft.

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