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I just wanted to thank you for all the inspiration you have shared with us in class. What I love about your coaching is that not only am I becoming a better actor, but I am applying your concepts to living a more inspired life. I look forward to learning and growing more as an individual in your class.- Nic Jenks

Thank you for last night's class it was very inspirational. I love when we talk about manifesting our personal goals. Because acting takes so much creativity it seems to go hand and hand with personal spirituality and knowing who we are. See you next week! -Julie Nicholson

Just wanted to say THANK YOU one more time for an incredible weekend, and a life altering event. Thanks -Tom o'keefe

Thank you so much. Your book has helped me so much in developing my acting career. I am now successfully performing on stage and in many nation wide commercials. I got an offer to audition for a Kellogg's commercial the other day.   I just had to write you and tell you about how big a help your book has been. Thanks a bunch...-Leo D.

Just wanted to say again how pleased I was with last night's class! I feel that after the exercises last night I have gained so much, not only with regard to acting skills but personally as well.  What revelations to find that I can take bad experiences in life and turn them into tools that can be used in such a positive way!  It's remarkable and so refreshing! I know that my acting career will benefit tremendously as I work through these processes and my life on a personal level will take on so much more happiness than that which I have known for the past several years. I fully realize the classes aren't therapy, but it's just so great to feel such side benefit and discovery in one's own self! I guess as Mary Tyler Moore once said "nobody gets out of this life without shedding tears or feeling tragic pain" but hey, what a great surprise to find that this energy can be turned into something so positive! Thank you again for your insights and coaching, my life has a whole new meaning and a course which is just getting more positive and exciting with every class...Thank You! Sincerely;
-Jeff Weldon

"Eric is a talented, gifted and caring teacher. He not only sees right to the core of who you are as an actor, but also who you CAN be!" - David Fry

I really miss your class. I like doing scene study at the Strasberg Institute.  What Strasberg doesn't do is self-expression stuff. You always had us express something whether it was anger or laughter. It felt good to go all out! I still feel that my emotions don't come out enough. I need your help too. You personalize the exercises for each individual. You are also a lot more strict which I like. -Jennifer Pikes

I wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you for helping to make your Workshop such a successful experience for me. You were open and honest and took some real risks that helped me to grow as an actor and person. I have already begun to apply a lot of what we learned with the drama work I do. Applying what we learned I really focused a lot on the "doing" in the scene to really communicate to the audience all the sub-text going on. It was very well received and it truly was an exciting dramatic moment because the audience really "tracked with us" I could tell by both the complete silence at times and the laughter at others. It was really neat. I will definitely go to the next Boston workshop that Hollywood Actors Studio does. -Tim Stanley

Hello Eric, I just wanted to thank you for this weekend and let you know that I am truly affected by the experience. I do my best processing after an experience, so this morning I finally understood what full out means (and I didn't even have to raise my voice). For some reason I needed to getout a lot of anger and I really resented that - I hope your eardrums are back to normal. So I am telling all my actor friends about your workshop Thank you. -Patti Glass

I was in the workshop in Boston. I got a lot out of it. it made me see how we put on acts, how I put on acts, it made it easier for me to open up to people, and not have as much tension and stage fright. I also learned a great deal about acting. - Jonathon Troiano

First, I would like to tell you about how beneficial the New York workshop was to me. It has really helped me in all parts of my life. It has helped me to have more courage than ever before. Last night, I was working as an MC at a formal school event with approx. 500 people in attendance. What was amazing was that at the beginning I sang a brief solo. Before the acting workshop I would have never even considered doing such a thing. I have never given a public singing performance before. It felt great to further break through my inhibitions. -Brett Thompson

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting & working with you. It was truly much more exciting & energizing than I had imagined and how wonderful it is to be alive ... and to share with someone your potential ... even if it isn't realized yet or developed ... to just catch a glimpse of what can be and show it to someone else is a wonderful thing.  So I thank you for your insights and your gentle yet persistent insistence on my doing the work to see that potential. I suppose finding and committing to the path is the first step. And after seeing & feeling the potential, the freedom & aliveness, I feel there really is no way I can turn back now. It's funny on my plane ride back there was a great deal of turbulence going through a storm in Houston, and I was thinking about the idea that we die when we've finished what we were supposed to accomplish in this lifetime. And from my readings, this doesn't always have to be this great, monumental thing ... for some people it could just be conquering certain fears that plague them. And I thought to myself ... oh shit ... what if all I was supposed to do in this lifetime was to have the courage to take on this particular journey & glimpse the possibilities... but then I thought that's a really lame purpose as I know I have so much more to do and to offer ... so I stopped worrying about the plane crashing.

I really appreciate your spirit. I feel very aligned with it in a lot of ways.  -Amy Lewis, Participant, Private Intensive.

Celebrating its 30th Anniversary!


Celebrating its 30th Anniversary!

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