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Thanks for your interest in our online and phone coaching programs.

Over the past few years we have developed an alternative way for actors to access and benefit from professional coaching without having to commute to or live in Hollywood. This format is unique and allows you to have a private acting, self-expression, public speaking and communication skills coach share his/her insights, tools and techniques effectively. It is a one-on-one private process where you skillfully guided through exercises and processes.

This approach is unique, organic and produces
lasting and profound results in people's ability to create
at all levels of their lives, art forms and careers.

Having a private coach can be of immense benefit to you.

You will develop skills and reveal your talent more efficiently and acquire a very solid foundation in strong principles and lasting tools and techniques.

The cutting edge of this approach is that it is entirely tailored to the individual and his or her needs as an actor, performer, public speaker, etc. It works very well with parents willing to spend time with their children and learn good skills in the process. Both ways. Finding a really good and skillful coach for kids can be very touchy. These techniques work & make sense.

It's (1) the coaching and (2) your willingness that makes the difference. Are you willing to be coached? Stay open? Develop? Learn? Breakthrough self-imposed limitations?

HOW IT WORKS: After we speak on the phone and via e-mail, we design a thorough plan of action for the weeks to come.

We assign you detailed homework and you practice the tools, techniques and exercises at least 3 times a week. We speak on the phone once a week where we'll trouble shoot, coach you, assess and prepare the next level.

When you call, we will explain to you the areas we'll go after first such as relaxation tools, working with your body, imagination, etc...getting you in shape will be the number one target as well as becoming aware of yourself as an actor/actress as his or her own instrument.

We stand behind this format. Having a private coach is by far the best way to go. With a strong desire and the willingness to grow and be contributed to, one can develop fast and very well.

The main thing is to stay in good communication and you'll be very pleased with the rapid progress you can make.

These are the major distinctions and areas of practice that Hollywood Actors Studio acting technique covers in depth. These distinctions are practiced via tools and techniques. The major concepts and theories are an integral part of the techniques taught not separate. There lies the edge of this program.

The context of our work together will be fun, professional, supportive, to the point and caring. Your lessons will be participatory in nature and you will be encouraged and appropriately challenged to participate fully and give it your best. Individuals produce remarkable breakthroughs in the areas of Acting, Character Acting, Self-Expression, Self-Confidence, Self-Knowledge, Communication, Public Speaking, as well as all areas related to the craft of acting such as Improvisation, Cold reading, Monologue and Scene Study, etc...

To start please call (323) 986-6363 or Questions? E-Mail Us. We accept Visa & MC, Amex, Discover, PayPal, checks or money orders.

On-line lessons are $75.00 per session and can be bought in packages at reduced rates. There are two manuals that can be purchased with the classes.

They consists of:

  1. Phone consultations and plan of action (which areas we'll focus on and for how long)
  2. Assignment of work(exercises, tools...)
  3. Evaluation of taped work(when student is ready to put work on tape to be evaluated.)
  4. Coaching on phone and email.

I look forward to working with you and participate in your success!

Eric Stone


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