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8879 West Pico Blvd. Suite # 4, Los Angeles, CA 90035 Tel: (323) 986-6363

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CEO-President Speakers & Artists International, Inc., Founder and Head Coach Hollywood Actors Studio, Beverly Hills, CA, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coach. Producer, Creative Director, Producing Director. International Voice & Localization Consultant. Professional Stage, Film and Television Actor with major credits. Acting, Speech & Dialect Coach. Voice-Over Artist with major national and international credits, Published Author, Internationally acclaimed and award winning Artist represented in seven countries around the world.


  • Provide effective, hands-on coaching tools, individually tailored for the development of a unique professional persona, powerful communication and public presentation skills for live presentations, trainings, seminars and other multi media broadcast technologies.
  • To providing cutting edge coaching and directing services to enhance organizations and individuals’ visibility, image and credibility in their respective fields.
  • To broaden awareness and forward clear education on the effectiveness of powerful communication and public presentation skills for all media.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Proven success in numerous television, radio, film and multimedia projects over the last 18 years as creative producer, director, coach and project manager. Projects include: An Ideal Husband, 200 Cigarettes, The Negotiator, Les Miserables, Dancer, Gattaca, Switchback, Masterminds, Excess Baggage.  Click for complete acting resume here.
  • Extensive directing and producing skills and experience in Film, Television and Multimedia.
  • Strong practical and theoretical foundation and experience in handling talent from casting to final performance.
  • Extensive background coaching individuals in the areas of public speaking and communication.
  • Proven record as a team player and skillful manager.
  • Strong practical knowledge and experience in handling all creative aspects of multimedia projects.
  • 16 years experience owning and operating a successful acting studio in Santa Barbara, CA and Los Angeles, CA training actors for film, television, public speaking and voice-over.
  • 18 years experience training national & international public speakers and community leaders of diversified backgrounds and areas of expertise.
  • Distinguished background as an empowerment coach and talent developer in the areas of self-expression and personal power.
  • Lecturer, author and award winning artist (MOCA, New York, N.Y.)

Professional Experience:

TELEFRANCE, USA, New York, NY 1980-1982
On-air Host and Commercial Announcer - Script Consultant
Helped engage ten million viewers to tune in to TELEFRANCE weekly. Contributed many directorial and writing ideas which helped change the perception of the network. Became a highly visible figure which assured the network many new advertisers such as Gaumont & Yves St Laurent.

PHILIPPE BENICHOU, Inc., New York, NY 1982-1986
Voice-over artist - Narrator - Director
Created a successful career as a voice-over artist creating characters and voices for more than a hundred different major companies (complete resume available upon request). Acquired a strong reputation and developed professional relationships with producers of top advertising agencies in New York. Products include: FINLANDIA VODKA, COCA-COLA, AT & T, TOYOTA AMERICAN EXPRESS, YOPLAIT, NIVEA CREAM, CBS, FORD MOTORS.

PHILIPPE BENICHOU, Inc., New York, NY 1981-2000
Broadway and Off-Broadway theatre actor on the New York Stage and abroad. TV & Film actor
Created a successful career as a stage actor in New york. Worked for major Networks as a soap opera actor such as General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and the Bold and the Beautiful. Starred and co- starred in several television series and movies such as NO MAN’S LAND, FRAMED, DAZZLED.

GILLAIZEAU, Inc., New York, NY 1982-1983
Television Producer & Packager - Program Director - Financial Adviser - Business Developer
Negotiated and helped purchased a French television station on behalf of Gillaizeau, INC. Then put in charge of purchasing programming, negotiating advertising as well as increasing revenues.

Director, Producer, Head Coach and Casting Director for multi media and television projects.
The Eric Stone Studio was created as an umbrella for 1)Professional acting training for film, television and voice over actors. 2)To generate and manage directorial projects in multi media, television and stage. 3)To manage a benerous talent pool of actors, performers and voice over artists to work in multimedia projects developed by the company.

HOLLYWOOD ACTORS STUDIO, Inc., Los Angeles, CA 1989-present
Founder-Director, Head Coach
The Hollywood Actors Stuio was founded in 1989 to coach and direct actors professionally. Over fifty productions were created since 1989 in addition to ongoing workshops, seminars and lectures on creativity, self-expression, and empowerment.

SPEAKERS & ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, Inc., Los Angeles, CA 1987-present
Founder-President-CEO, Head Coach
Company was originally created as Stone and Associates in 1987 and renamed Speakers and Artists, International, Inc., in 2004. Dedicated to delivering excellent trainings and distinctions in the areas of public speaking, communication skills and live broadcast training.

Education & Special Skills:

  • Marcel Gimond College; Aubenas, France (Baccalaureate Degree: Philosophy, Art & French Literature)
  • University of Besançon, Besançon, France (Medical College Preparation) (1975)
  • Medical School of Nice; Nice, France (1976)
  • UCLA School of Psychology, Los Angeles, CA (1977)
  • Santa Monica College (Art & English Literature) Santa Monica, CA (1977)
  • Sorbonne University (Theatre Arts); Paris, France (D.E.U.G Degree) (1977-78)
  • Alice Hermes Shakespearean & Dialects programs; HB Studios, New York, NY (1978-85)
  • New York University, New York, NY (BFA in Film & Television) (1979-1982)
  • Graduate HB Studio: Professional Acting School; New York, NY (1978-86)
  • Honorary Member of the New York Actors Studio; New York, NY (1981)
  • Tony Allen Acting Studio graduate; New York, NY (1984)
  • Gary Patterson Song Studio; New York, NY (Singing Academy) (1984-86)
  • Judith Unland: Michael Chekhov Technique; New York, NY (Improvisation/Performance Skills) (1985)
  • Graduate Landmark Education; Basic & Advanced Course Programs; New York, NY (1984-85)
  • Graduate IFLP Leadership & Excellence Program; Landmark Education; Los Angeles, CA (1987)
  • Meisner Acting Technique graduate; John Patterson Meisner Program; Los Angeles, CA (1988)
  • Advanced Training in Dubbing Animation & Movies with Voice Group International, LA, CA(1993-98)
  • Trained Extensively in various corporate organizations; For Business Coaching, Communication Skills, Time Management & Public Speaking; New York, NY (1984-1992)

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