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Service:(323) 986-6363

Height:         5'11"                      
Weight:         175 lbs                 
Hair:           Brown           
Eyes:           Green Hazel
Cheapest Movie Ever Made Starring HBO A.J. Jamal, Dir.
Avenue B Starring CANAL+. Bruno Lombard, Dir.
Princeton Passings Starring Shawn O’Leary, Dir.
The Project Starring WICAT PRODS., NY
Running Delilah (TV Movie) Supporting EMPTY CHAIR PRODS.
That’s adequate Supporting PARAMOUNT
Framed (with Jeff Goldblum) Supporting HBO
Darkman Supporting UNIVERSAL, Sam Raimi, Dir.
No Man’s Land (with Charlie Sheen) Supporting ORION AVENUE B

The Best Of Mad TV Guest Star FOX
Running Delilah(with Billy Zane) Series Regular EMPTY CHAIR PRODS.
Puttin’ On The Ritz Series Regular CBS
Telefrance USA Series Regular PARAMOUNT
The Bold and The Beautiful Recurring Roles CBS
Mad TV Guest Star FOX
This Is My Life Guest Star TF1/LE STUDIO CANAL +
Dazzle(Mini-Series) Guest Star CBS
Passions Principal NBC
Everybody Loves Raymond Co-Star HBO
Days Of Our Lives Recurring Roles NBC
General Hospital Recurring Roles ABC
Santa Barbara Recurring NBC
Beverly Hills 90210 Co-Star FOX
Brisco County Junior Co-Star WARNER BROS.
THEATRE (Partial List)
Plenty(with Kate Nelligan) Original Broadway cast NY Shakespeare Festival
 The Little Prince  Starring/Original Cast & Director  Touring Theatre Festivals
 Death Of Lovers  Starring/Original cast  NY Shakespeare Festival
 A Social event(with Candice Bergen)  Starring/Two-character Play  H. B. Studio, NY
 Stravinsky’s Histoire Du Soldat  Starring/Original Cast & Director  St.Barth’s Music Festival
 Cheaters  Starring  Westside Arts Theatre, NY
 La Ronde  Starring  Ensemble Group Theatre
 French Bred  Starring  Comedy Store & Stages, Inc
 After Liverpool  Starring  Westside Arts Theatre, NY
 The Misanthrope  Starring  Westside Arts Theatre, NY
 The Inventory  Starring  Ubu Repertory Theatre
 Awakening  Starring  Theatre West, NY
 The Merchant Of Venice  Supporting  Soho Rep., NY
 Sir John Oldcastle  Supporting  Globe Playhouse, LA

COMMERCIALS-VOICE OVERS Available upon request.

Special Skills & Training

Training: Uta Hagen(‘80-’86), Herbert Berghof(‘78-’86), Lee Strasberg at the NY Actors Studio(‘80-’82), Meisner(‘86-’88), Stella Adler, Bill Hickey, Bob Mc Andrew. Don Farnworth(Ballet), Buck Heller(Jazz), Gary Patterson(Singing), Robert Easton & Alice Hermes(Dialects)

Languages/Dialects: Fluent French(not accented), Italian, Spanish, Israeli, Middle Eastern dialects, New York, Bronx, Studied & performed Shakespeare with Alice Hermes in New York. Honorary Member of the New York Actors Studio (‘80-’82)

Sports: Most sports including soccer, tennis and kickboxing, certified national ski instructor, horseman (including jumping.)

Other Skills & Talents: Acting Coach. Multimedia and stage Director. Founder of Eric Stone Studio(‘89) & Hollywood Actors Studio(‘97). Artist: Oils, Pastels, Acrylics. Voice over talent 20 years experience in radio & TV commercials, animation, narrations, CD Roms. Dubbing artist & director(over 50 American film credits.) Comedian: Comedy Store. Author: One-Man Show: French Bred & Challenge of the Actor.

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