"Speaking as a committed empowerment and artistic coach, helping and encouraging individuals to get in touch with their talent and potential and seeing to it that it gets expressed fully has become a passion and an essential part of my life and growth as an artist.

It has led me onto transformational paths and journeys unimaginable had I not stayed focused in that direction. Freeing the artist-actor within is what my work is all about: to allow the creative artist to recognize within himself or herself that it is in our nature to act and create.

I offer a step by step tangible and thorough approach which helps develop not only competent actors but happier and freer individuals. Art is pro-life. Art is a stand for something. It moves us forward and up the ladder of consciousness and creativity which go hand-in-hand.

Underneath the superficial and often illusory desire to become rich, adored and famous, there's a small voice in each creative person which yearns to express a deeper and more satisfying truth. I try to facilitate that process.

Hollywood Actors Studio develops first-rate actors and performers for the long run and with a deep respect for the individual and who that individual is."


Celebrating its 30th Anniversary!

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