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"I have taken all kinds of Acting classes throughout my life, including a Semester at Stella Adler's and intensive workshop in London. In two days of working with Eric, I understood, for the first time,what an acting technique should look like. And how to use it. I feel as though I've been shown the Secret of Success, and I can't wait to apply it. If you're serious about acting, it's definitely worth the money. I've found my Acting coach!!

Impact was tremendous, as in Life changing. As in getting the essence of acting. I loved your teaching about space, and how to use it. I also just as much felt you gave me the technique I was missing to get to stuck emotions, and releasing them. Essential to relaxing and playing, (the heart of acting)

Your workshop doesn't just cover building an actor, but also building a freer individual. I'm feeling so much more potential, power, and joy, after this last workshop. Benefit was more then I could have hoped for. A new start! In acting and in Life. Style.... You worked with people according to what they needed most, I got that. Sensitive, bold, life-affirming".

Katherine Johann. Professional Actor, WA, USA

"Eric is an excellent voiceover coach. Over the 6 months I have studied with him,he has helped me develop myself with the technical and acting aspects of voiceover. He is very concise and explained in depth about what I needed to improve. With each lesson I would read the copy and then Eric coached me on the aspects I was missing in order to deliver a professional level read. He has a keen ear to distinguish my read and would easily break down the read. Eric has pointed out things I never really thought about and that I just took for granted in my speech, the English language and even my breathing. He has helped me to better understand what a director is looking for with different styles of commercials, narration and animation. Eric is very patient with a flexible teaching style to meet any student’s needs. He has been a wonderful guide for me in reaching my goals as an artist. Thanks Eric for all of your wonderful help!"
Michell Rudacille – Actress –Voice Over Artist

"I feel that I have really been challenged and pushed in a positive way to grow and become a fledgling actor. I know I have a lot to learn and I want to do that. One of the most important things I've learned is: DON'T TALK ABOUT YOURSELF. Show who you are on stage. Don't hide it.

I know that I love the creative side of my soul and love being around creative people. I feel I have grown tremendously in the short time I have been with the Hollywood Actors Studio and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

I HAVE ALSO LEARNED THAT LIFE IS TOO SERIOUS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.......YAY! I have also learned that acting is a very humbling but exciting experience and one needs to be able to feel deep feelings one minute and then let them go and become "light and free" the next minute.

This week I read more on the history of Stanislovsky and Lee Strasberg and their methods. I read about not taking it all too seriously and that acting class is not therapy. You really work hard at reminding us about keeping it in the right place while trying to grow.

I am really amazed at all the new insight I have regarding myself and who I really am and want to really did get through to me and I thank you for that. Thank you for all you have taught me even though at times it was hard."    "     -Suzanne Geimer, Aspiring Actress

"Eric: I am getting more and more excited about this as well as ready to get on board with the grander scheme of submitting myself to agents and for acting roles. But more importantly, I want to thank you. I know that I am on a path that is starting to grow stronger and stronger, and based on my present structure balancing my business life with my artistic life, I realize that it might take me a little longer to further my artistic process - however my commitment has not faltered - in fact I become more and more encouraged and receiving the email you just sent is so much appreciated and meaningful and I want to thank you for that. And I truly want you to know how much I appreciate you and your coaching and how much you put in to the process - thank you so much for saying the things you did - it is so wonderful to know that I have a partner with whom to work with as I forge my future.        -Dennis Kleinman, March 2004

"Eric, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy class! I just wanted to tell you how much your coaching/training has moved me to really want to "show up" and you are the reason for that, so I thank you for your candidness and your sincerity with everything that you have and will continue to teach me! Funny, because I am still unable to see how you were able to find humor in some of life's toughest moments, but I guess that will be another discussion when I have a couple of years of your coaching under my belt! All the best."   - Bart Zeller. Actor, Los Angles, CA

"Just wanted to ask actually how Eric was and tell him that as an acting coach he still stands out in my mind as the best I had. I still quote things I remember him saying to other artists/actors I know. I now teach Comedic improv in NY and i still find the roots of my teaching coming back to values I got from Eric Stone. So i guess i just wanted to say thank you and I hope he remembers me. he is the best!"    - Alex Brewer-Disarufino of Brooklyn, NY

"Great coaching! I landed a three year contract on One Life to Live..."  Suzanne Carrington,  One Life to Live."

"Just at the audit with Eric Stone I had amazing breakthroughs.  I discovered things about my talents and abilities that I didn't even know existed.  I got more out of your audit than I did out of 5 months training with my previous coach.  Thank you, I can't wait to start!"    Mike G.

"This approach & style is truly unique."      Lawrence G.

"I became a working actor!"

"I love the positive atmosphere & the openness..."

"I'm free to develop my own approach to acting..."

"My kids love it!"

"This technique really works!"

"I love the honesty of the coaching..."

"I book jobs as a direct result of this coaching..."

"They have taught me the language of acting & given me a technique..."

"I finally know what I'm doing at auditions..."

"They give you tangible tools not theories..."

"Eric is awesome, a totally positive and invigorating force!"

"This training is practical, effective and brings many disciplines together...Eric is a great coach and I, a working actor."

"I am learning to take this craft seriously and I am developing a scientific attitude on how to do it...out of it I booked my first commercial and a play!"

"Eric always gives you something more to work on...I love the positive attitude and the nurturing!"

"This training is productive, positive and nurturing...I love it!"

"This approach is organic & respectful of the craft...I'm now pursuing something tangible...Eric impresses me as coach and person! Many thanks!"

"I truly feel better about myself...I'm more consistent in relating on stage and character work...this is an open, honest and complete approach to the craft of acting!"

"I'm learning to be bold & take chances...I can now grasp the tangible aspect of this craft..."

"I'm so jazzed about this class...I appreciate the support & enthusiasm."

"It's great to get to know yourself & learn how to express your innermost feelings!"

"They know what they're talking about & are true to what they're saying!"

"I'm incredibly more focused and I now love to participate on camera & in life..."

"I'm learning to identify what sets me apart as an a result I'm working!"

"The coaching deals with people as individuals-it's safe to make mistakes-the tools are solid and when I use them they make a big difference!"

"This training is concise in expressing ways to improve...After my second class I already feel tremendous growth...I'm happy about my choice to study at the Eric Stone Studio!"

"They're more concerned with results than following a "method"...I place high value on this training because of the care, nurturing and attention to the individual!"

"I love the positive atmosphere...I can develop my own approach to acting!"

"This training is varied, deep, profound and helpful!"

"Positive! Eric is a remarkably positive and instinctive coach!"

"I've gain tremendous freedom to be myself and try new auditioning has vastly improved!"

"This training is wonderful..... Thank you!"

"It's different than any other training I've taken, there's a real objective to each class!"

"I Just wanted to say how motivated and energized I still am from the exercises and motivating interactions. I think I'm already perceiving positive changes in my outward persona and feel as though I've only begun to see what I am capable of. You're a wondrous coach Eric and I feel really lucky to have signed up with the studio. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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