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A good coach has no business making empty promises of stardom just to get you to sign up or keep you registered in the programs. Beware of coaches or agents who do! Your skills is what gets you work and your willingness to be yourself committedly time after time. You make yourself no one makes you!

No matter what anybody says it takes time to become really good at acting. It does in music, dance or parenting. You might be right for a part and even get it but the satisfaction of being an artist and a true craftsman at what you do comes only after many years of practice and experience. A job is a job, you can even get fame, do not confuse it with being great at what you do.

We do not hold big classes, too big to train you well. No matter what other acting schools and teachers are saying or preaching, you cannot train anyone well in a big class environment unless all that takes place is scene work one after the other and criticism is limited to a few powerful comments in relationship to the scene.

Acting is not therapy.

Humiliation techniques to get our point across are never a practice. We insist, push and make class as challenging as possible but not at your expense and to leave you hurt, humiliated or embarrassed as a result. Leave a coach who is abusive! Do not put up with it! There are many graceful ways to get a point across or convince an actor of this or that in respect to their technique. An actor always senses when something is off! No need for a coach to get righteous or upset. There's a big gap between upset and passionate. They may look the same but they are not!

Check your teacher's background. How long have they taught and where? Who were their teachers? Has she/he ever acted and in what projects? Has he or she ever directed actors? Where? Above all, do they practice what they preach others to do.

We, at the Hollywood Actors Studio, are not in relationship with any third party such as photographers, agencies or services of any kind for the purpose of promoting their services through you and get a cut. We might, however, from time to time, refer actors to someone offering a service, but we stress that it is the actor's job to check the person out and decide if they want to use them or not.

Being lectured to does not equal being trained.

Beware of teachers who lecture too much or as the sole format of their work with you, unless of course it is a lecture you came to and you are there to listen not train and practice. A workshop is YOUR time not the trainer's time to boast and pontificate about personal successes and stories from the past. Yes, many teachers need validation through teaching. Their therapist told them it would be good for their ego. Nothing wrong with that as long as it's not the focus or whole underlying context of the class. Same with declared and undeclared political agendas. There are many ways to cheat individuals and these are some of them.

The coach should create a clean "sanctuary" style environment free of personal inappropriate content. Two things will kill that atmosphere instantly: gossip and undeclared or unhealthy intentions on the part of either the coach or the participants. Other dragons are: playing victim, stop supporting others in their objectives, not show up, arrive consistently late.

Think twice about trusting a coach or a teacher who says he or she is going to make you a star or help you with your career. They usually want something from you and give you nothing in return. The rule is that if it sounds too good to be usually is!

You will not be turned down because of race, religion, cultural heritage or prejudice of any kind.

Coaching has a lot to do with loving people & loving artistic growth and development. It makes a good coach happy to see you succeed.

I have tremendous respect for the constitution and what it stands for. That all men are created equal is a formidable stand when you let it penetrate your whole being. I believe that the ultimate spiritual test is to be happy and express ourselves.

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