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Self-love is too often misunderstood as selfishness, a sort of egotistical, greedy and narcissistic state of being at the exclusion or expense of others, which has nothing to do with its true contemporary meaning.


Self is the true temple of our experience, so in that context selfish means a healthy and necessary orientation toward fulfillment, success and aliveness all the way to the core of our being, body, mind and spirit. Awakened consciousness begins and ends with self-knowledge and the living of that self-knowledge. Without that, true compassion toward oneself and others cannot blossom.


To be yourself you have to know yourself. To know yourself you must establish a “private sanctuary” an inner and outer autonomy from which you can move, feel and think freely as yourself. Finding the light within while feeling protected. How can you trust yourself if you are not protected?  How can you soar to higher planes of consciousness, satisfaction and success if you are not resting at peace within yourself? How can you emerge as a new Whole Being if you do not exercise the courage to listen to your own inner guide and wisdom? How can you reach deeper levels of union with others if you do not center yourself in that inner space and communicate from there openly and fearlessly? How can you tackle your demons? Settle conflicts and all accounts or unresolved issues that prevent your freedom and liberation? How can you find your inner voice if you do not seek and find your temple within? 


What  the  future  holds


Are you feeling good within yourself? In profound communion with yourself yet not clinging to anything or anyone yet? The age of connection as we knew it is eroding. The Universe supports individuals and groups of individuals’ enterprise and no longer supports institutional strength, play-by-the-rules, outdated beliefs systems or ancient philosophical or spiritual paths. We’ve been trying those for decades without making a dent in the way we relate to ourselves on average. We see the suicides, the pain, poverty, starvation, mental illness, depression, and the millions of medicated people, not to mention the shootings, the rampant violence and senseless terrorists acts.


Are these horrific examples the casualties of our unprecedented control over planet earth? We managed to make it to the top of the food chain for centuries now; where does it leave us in terms of the quality of our inner peace and experiential wisdom? Are we here to see our triumph over nature just to continue the cycles of medieval habits without the conscious and joyful rapture of living fully and freely?


Is it just mental wonder? Eating the menu of our joy and happiness with our cunning intellect but never being served the actual meal of our extraordinary potential?


Experience is the ultimate goal. Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual experiencing. Of what? Self-love!


Mission  statement


Our aim is to awaken and radically ignite life-changing yet sustainable paradigm shifts in self-confidence and unique self-expression for every client. Inside a safe, relaxed and nurturing environment, we infuse cutting-edge and individually tailored insights as well as implement  practical time-tested techniques and processes.


Everything begins with Willingness and the “I am” of Personal Power.


Free your spirit to experience the real you openly!

"We are a husband and wife team dedicated to people living as themselves, away from painful conditioning that does not serve them or is in the way of their personal growth, satisfaction and success. We offer a cutting-edge yet simple approach to living creatively as yourself."



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